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September 1, 1994

Guy Forget


Q. Can you tell us about -- you came back in the third set; did you feel that was a great comeback -- how did you feel about that going into the fourth?

GUY FORGET: Well, you know, I felt -- yeah, I was doing my best to stay in the match, I had a few chances in the second set, overall, he was always ahead, and in the third set I had a few chances and I took them. You know, before the match, you know, I had like, you know, a plan how to play, and I thought no matter what, stick with it, and at some points it worked. I mean, it worked pretty well. Sometimes I was going for a little too much but, you know, the plan I wanted to have, you know, before we went on the court and at some point it worked really well in the third set. I had chances in the second set that maybe I missed. Maybe sometimes I went for too much, sometimes I waited too much, and I had the same chance in at 40-15 on my serve, lost the game, another game I had a lot of chances and I didn't make it, and still I had some chances, but, you know, overall, he deserved to win. But, you know, I -- if I would have just played a little better on some points, that would have maybe changed the match. But overall, I think he was more consistent than I was.

Q. Guy, he said in the third set he felt like he choked; did you sense him tightening up?

GUY FORGET: Well, you know-- you feel like he choked?

Q. He said he felt like he choked in the third set, I was wondering --

GUY FORGET: I don't see why -- if he said so, you know, he was ahead, he was leading. I went for shots, I thought that was the only way, you know, I could make him -- that's what happened when you go for shots as soon as you have the opportunity, you take it and the guy felt pressure at points and that's what I tried to do and it worked, not throughout the whole match because I lost, but it's one of my best matches overall since I'm here. It's pretty good for the rest of the season, if I can keep up with that, you know, that kind of play. But, you know, he's very strong. He doesn't hit a lot. Sometimes I pushed him and he made some good passes.

Q. Do you feel you could have gone a fifth set?

GUY FORGET: Well, everything is so new for me on hardcourt, I don't know what to expect. I didn't think being down two sets to Love-- I thought it was going to be real hard for me to come back, but I never gave up. That's the way I've been playing the last few years, and you never know what can happen. If you keep on trying, you can lose and there's no-- you know, no shame in losing as long as you try your best, and sometimes by trying your best you get back in the match and sometimes you win. If you win the match and, you know, you thought you had no more chance and that's what I did. I won the third set and. As I said, I had a few chances in the fourth again, but that's how you get -- that's how you can improve, by never giving up and fighting all the way to the end. And I think people enjoyed it. My body is going to be sore probably tomorrow because I haven't played on hardcourt for such a long time at that level. But it shows, once again, the lack of competition I have of the -- maybe, you know, physical quickness on the court, you know, I can still manage to play some good games, good sets. And, so, you know I hope my body is going to react well, and in about a month or two months, three months from now I'll get better and maybe more consistent. That's my goal. It's unfortunate I had to play Andre who is, I think, is playing really well at the moment. If I played someone else, maybe I could have won a few more matches, but that's the way it goes and I will try to learn about what happened today on the court and, you know, try to do well and in Bordeaux I'm going to play the tournament, and the in indoor season is going to suit my game really really well. The rallies will be shorter. The court will be softer so that will be easy on me and we will see.

Q. Was it odd going into the fourth set at midnight as it was getting into the wee hours of the morning?

GUY FORGET: Well, once you're in the match you don't really look at the time. Of course, yes, you'd like to play earlier if you can, but that's not something that bothered me or -- but I think it will be hard to sleep now for the next two hours. That's the problem.

Q. How far do you think Agassi can go in this tournament?

GUY FORGET: Well, Andre is, you know, when he steps into a tournament, if he plays well, he's one of the players that can go all the way to the end. And once again players are competitive and if you're having a good day you can lose to anyone, but Andre has been playing well and he's not as tired as a guy like Becker who played a lot of matches this summer. It depends on the draw, it depends on the weather, but definitely Andre has potential for going all the way to the end depending who he plays. I haven't seen the draw that far. But he's definitely playing well. And he made the finals already and he's definitely one of the few guys that can go all the way through again.

Q. Did you enjoy the atmosphere out there?

GUY FORGET: Well, you enjoy when you do well, when you play well, when you hit winners and sometimes when things don't work out as well as you -- you know, you wish, you're not happy with yourself and satisfied, but you know, it's -- it was, you know, I think the atmosphere was good, people were cheering for him, that's okay, and I didn't feel like at no time people were aggressive against me, unless a couple guys like always, but guys are in the box yelling, "why do you play," when you make a bad shot, guys screaming an at you, yeah, but besides that it was nice.

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