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August 14, 1995

Guy Forget


GREG SHARKO: Questions for Guy.

Q. Obviously, looks like it was really hot out there?

GUY FORGET: Actually, it was getting better. Like when I warmed up this morning, it was really, really hot. And fortunately, some clouds came in and the wind picked up a bit, but you know, it was at least, I think a good 32, 33, probably. It was pretty hot. And these fans that we have on the side is great. I wish they had those in Cincinnati. I hope they have them on the outside courts because it really makes things a lot easier; especially when you are all wet; you have got that fan just, you know, nice breeze into your face, that helps.

Q. How do you feel you played today, talk a little about that?

GUY FORGET: Strange match because I think he hasn't played, you know, in big ATP tournaments, so he wasn't -- I felt like he was probably a little tight all the way through the match and, you know, I really wanted to win that first round because I needed to get a few wins and I found the balls were a little faster than last week, so, you know, I made some unforced errors, but overall I served pretty well and I hope my next match will be a better quality. I am sure it will. And -- but you know overall, I can't complain. It was very hot, the conditions, and I am just happy to win that first round.

Q. When you are really intent on winning a first round match, are you a little uncomfortable when you see you are playing somebody who nobody knows anything about or feeling "this guy can't have much" --

GUY FORGET: I kind of asked a few players how they knew him and how he played and, you know, it was pretty -- some guys told me he was playing a bit like Santoro is, you know, the other French guy. Fortunately, he doesn't play as well yet. But I think his serve -- I was really surprised with his serve because he is not really a big guy. I mean, he hit like a few second serves like 97 miles an hour, you know, which is really good. And, you know, he serve and volleyed well. He mixed it up. I think from the baseline he made a lot of errors, so whether he was not used to the conditions or Center Court or that, I can't answer, but...

Q. Some people thought maybe that it might favor a bigger server this week from having to play with the ATP Tour ball and switching to the Wilson this week. Do you see that maybe from the adjustment maybe picking up the adjustment --

GUY FORGET: Yeah, I think the ball is faster here, even though the courts make it slower so, I mean, I think it is a good mixture, but I think last week, the courts were really slow and the balls were soft, so that made the condition -- especially with the humidity, it was very humid last week, so the balls were getting really heavy; hard to make the ball go. I am sure Agassi and Chang will not complain. Pete maybe will a little bit. But Pete, I think, will feel more comfortable here. We have to adapt to the conditions. I think what the ATP is doing by trying to slow the game down, I think is a good thing because especially when we are going to go indoors, I hope they even going to come out with a slower ball than the one we had last week because, you know, the indoor play, I think, is really the problem.

Q. Talk about just the -- after the injuries in '93, you made that big climb last year, maybe talk about this year...

GUY FORGET: I try to make the most of my game and what I can do physically and, you know, on some occasions I happen to play really well and was really pleased with the way I played. Unfortunately I wasn't always very consistent when I was playing well, so, but, you know, I can't -- I don't want to think about the past. I want to think about the future and just try to, you know, to improve day after day even though I know now my schedule is going to have to be a bit more different than it was in the past, so be more careful with surfaces I am going to be playing on. But overall, I feel -- mentally, I feel pretty good and I still like the game. I think as long as you-- I just saw Mats Wilander play again today on TV; as long as you enjoy the game and you still, you know, have a good time on the court, you, physically, I don't see why when you are 30 or 31 years old, you be less, you know, I mean, you would be not as strong as than some guys that are 20 year-old. As long as you do as much training as they do and, you know, I don't see why you can't be competitive.

GREG SHARKO: Thanks everyone.

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