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November 17, 2001

Mark Calcavecchia

Raymond Floyd

Bernhard Langer

Frank Nobilo


BERNHARD LANGER: I think Frank played very well on the front nine. He made a number of birdies and I was kind of watching him and finally got my game together later on and rolled in a few myself. Overall, it was just a great match. We got behind, we got it back to 2-up and then we lost three in a row and we were down and Frank made a good birdie on 17. It was back and forth the whole time, and it came down to the very last putt when Ray had a chance to make birdie on the last. It wasn't easy, but it came down to the very last stroke that was played.

MODERATOR: Your thoughts about the match?

RAYMOND FLOYD: That was pretty much in a nutshell. Bernhard, I don't think you could express it better. It was a very, very exciting match, I'm sure, for the viewers and to be down, we were in trouble, and came back and after Bernhard made a couple, I made three in a row back there to get us in the match and then I hit it out in the tullies and my partner makes a birdie to get us back 1-up. And then Frank makes a wonderful birdie at 17. Then 18, we halved. I don't think you can say enough about the match. That's about as good as it can get from start to finish. I think we feel very fortunate to get a halve with these guys. They played very well.

Q. Does it feel pretty special to get a birdie on 17, sometimes it's almost like making two birdies on that one hole if you can get one?

FRANK NOBILO: No question. I think after playing the hole yesterday, it's not a hole that you look forward to playing. I think Mark hit a good tee shot there, he hit his tee shot a little left and then Raymond hit a great shot in there. You know that you've got to take the flag on. I thought I hit a really good shot, just hung out a little right. You know, you've got to make the putt. He'd been playing incredible golf the back nine and you just think he's going to do it. I was lucky, I hit a very good putt, held its line and it went so we could play another hole. But, no, thoroughly enjoyable.

Q. You guys are the first match out, your team is down, do you feel pressured to get ahead or get a point up there, get things started off well?

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: No, not really. The guys behind us we were playing good. We were just more concerned I think with our match, try to get back in the deal. Bernhard made that putt on 13 and I was like, if Raymond doesn't make this we going 3-down and it's looking grim. Then he made that and made almost a hole-in-one on the next hole; and it was a momentum switch and you see that a lot in this format. We felt pressure to win our match because we wanted to win. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a heck of a match.

Q. Mark, it looks like these two days that everybody seems to be having a real good time, a lot of fun, the pairing, people are enjoying themselves. As somebody who will be on the Ryder Cup team next year, do you take maybe this experience back to some of those guys and say, "Well, here is the spirit we played this in and if we can bring that towards the matches next year?"

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: It's just a different atmosphere. It would be nice if it was as fun as this -- I won't say as relaxed as this, but it's just a little bit bigger of a deal, quite honestly. You know, everybody on that team has played the Ryder Cup except Stewart Cink and Scott Verplank. Same with the European team; they have a couple of rookies. So everybody is really experienced over there. It's a different situation. I think in light of what happened September 11, I think it will be a little more lighter spirited and all-for-the-game type of thing.

BERNHARD LANGER: I sure hope so. I think Mark said it very well there. I know the two captains will make sure nothing gets out of hand. They will probably talk to each player and tell them to be at their best behavior, quote, and the only difference is, you know, the crowd really gets behind the teams. They can stir up a bit of trouble themselves. You don't ever hear cheers like you do in the Ryder Cup. You can tell by the cheers who made the point or who won the hole. I would guess that maybe even the crowd will be a little more in control.

Q. Do you think this course would be a good spot for like a Presidents Cup event? Would you like to see something like that?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Well, I don't think I should answer. I'm not affected. I wouldn't be on it.

FRANK NOBILO: No question. I think it's a bit like Lake Manassas, which they used several times no, question. Mark Calcavecchia Cal it is definitely a good course for match play. Because if the wind gets going 30 miles an hour, it can get ugly if you are trying to shoot a score. It's a better type of venue for a match-play event than a stroke-play tournament.

Q. Can you comment in general on how well you played today and how gratifying is it for you to come out on a course with all of these young guys and to play as well as you played today?

RAYMOND FLOYD: I played well, but you have to understand, the team format makes it easier to play. Mark was hitting first and he was driving the ball well. So that makes it very easy to get out there and get your drive in play. And on this golf course, it's imperative to drive well. No matter what one player or the other does in any kind of a competition where you're a team, it still takes that other guy to be a part of it on both sides; so don't ever misinterpret one guy did the most. The other guy was very much a part of that. That's why I think I've had success in team competition because I always look for my partner, and when he's got a shot in there that's safe or fairly close, boy, you can be really aggressive; and when you're aggressive you can on occasion hit very good golf shots. It's like that par 3, almost made a hole-in-one. That green, it's a tremendously hard green to put your ball on and it's hard to fire at it. Had he not been on that green, God knows where I would have hit it. That's your team play. Yes, I hit it well, and, yes, I made some putts, but we were a team or we would not have beaten two people.

BERNHARD LANGER: You might have been three feet away instead of two feet. (Laughter.)

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