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June 26, 2001

Jamie Delgado


MODERATOR: Jamie Delgado.

Q. Very well done, good performance out there. Did you feel confident throughout? You know you saved break points the second and third sets. Did you always feel pretty much on your game and confident?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, for the majority of the match I felt pretty comfortable on my service games. There were, I think two games where I had to save breakpoints, maybe two or three games. But that's normal. I mean, you know, there's not many matches that you go through, especially a five-set match, having not lost serve. Definitely pleasing.

Q. The most nervous game looked to be the one where you broke him for 6-5 in the third on your fourth breakpoint. Were you beginning to tighten up at that point?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, I mean, I was definitely aware that that was a very important game. You know, a player like that, if you give him a set, you know, he might pick his game up a little bit. So I just realised that that game was very important. Yeah, maybe you tighten up. But I was very happy to win it.

Q. Assuming Agassi wins, what would it mean to you to be playing him in the next round?

JAMIE DELGADO: It's a great opportunity. I've never played anyone as good as that. I mean, he's maybe one of the all-time greats of the game. It would be a great opportunity to see how my game is against his.

Q. Just give it a go?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah. I mean, like I say, it's a great opportunity. I'd really look forward to it.

Q. Are you frightened of Agassi and his reputation, what a fantastic player he is?

JAMIE DELGADO: Not frightened, No. I'm definitely aware of how good he is, and what he's achieved. You know, it's a good chance for me to show what sort of player I am on a big stage. You know, it's definitely a time to go for it for myself.

Q. Do you find it extraordinary that yourself, Barry Cowan and Martin Lee have all been given these fantastic second-round matches as rewards from winning the first round?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah. I mean, it's the way the draw works sometimes. But we all won our first rounds. It's a great opportunity for all of us to have a go at the big players. Nothing to lose, all to gain really. It is a good opportunity.

Q. Another factor today, your return of serve. Is that something you've worked on? Do you feel it's been going very well?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah. I mean, I've been working on quite a few things in my game, that being one of them, to try and be aggressive when I have the opportunity. A few times, at the right times, it paid off. So that's one of the things I was happy with, yeah.

Q. Barry Cowan says he's going to be consulting a top psychologist on how to face Sampras. Are you thinking about talking to a psychologist to work out how to face Agassi?

JAMIE DELGADO: No. I've been working on a few things in my game, on how to approach matches. I'll just try and do that in my next match.

Q. The preparation doesn't change for the different player?

JAMIE DELGADO: No. You know, I'll be trying to express myself in my match if I play Agassi, try and put my game against his, see how good it is. But I won't be speaking to any psychologists, no (laughter).

Q. Some of Medvedev's supporters were harsh, saying you didn't have that wide a range of shots; he's a bigger guy, bigger range of shots that perhaps you don't have. How do you answer that criticism?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, obviously he's a bigger guy, more powerful. But he doesn't move as well. You know, I'm never going to have the massive shots to hit people off, but I've got to try to be good in other areas, you know, not give him the shots to hit. You know, I thought I played pretty smart and didn't give him any opportunities to play his game.

Q. Is it true you're a Real Madrid fan? If so why?

JAMIE DELGADO: I've always had a soft spot for them. My dad is from Madrid. Through him really I like them.

Q. Following your win against Tarango last week, now this today, do you think you're going into the Agassi game in the best form of your career or best spell?

JAMIE DELGADO: I beat Martin Damm also at Queen's. I've been winning a few matches the last few weeks. I lost to some good players. It's just another opportunity to have a go. Yeah, I've been playing pretty well the last few weeks. You know, it's a good time for me.

Q. Who would be the biggest player you've played so far in your career?

JAMIE DELGADO: Well, I lost to, last year in the quarters of Tashkent, to Safin, the week after he won the US Open. That's probably the biggest. I played Rusedski obviously at Queen's. I've played a few. You know, this is definitely the biggest, if Agassi was to win. They don't get much bigger than Agassi (smiling).

Q. What did you think of the crowd today? Quite a few empty seats. We're always talking about the home advantage. Did it really feel like that?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah, it felt like I had good support. You know, most of the crowd obviously were for me. There was the odd cheer for Medvedev. No, I was pretty happy with it.

Q. Even from the start?

JAMIE DELGADO: Yeah. I mean, you know, I have no complaints. They definitely helped me through.

Q. Are you worried about Agassi? Everyone expects Agassi to win because he is the best player in the world. Medvedev was saying, even if he had two broken legs, he would still play well because he is the best. Are you worried about playing him? Do you feel you're going to go in there and everyone expects you to lose?

JAMIE DELGADO: I mean, you have to work that in your advantage. Like I say, pretty much every match he plays, unless he plays Sampras here or something, he's expected to win. So that's nothing new. But as regards me, people are expecting him to win, so it's a good chance to go for it and, you know, have an upset. You know, I think that's something that he's used to, supposed to win.

Q. Medvedev was saying you need to concentrate on the big points if you were to have a chance. Do you feel in the second set when you had a chance to close it down, you wavered?

JAMIE DELGADO: When you do play these top players, the big players are key. Yeah, I mean, sure, that was a tough game. Every player I think gets a little bit nervous at different times. It's how you deal with it. As I say, I didn't lose serve in the match. I concentrated pretty well. For the whole, I thought I did it pretty well. Obviously, in every match you're going to have little moments where it doesn't go quite right. It's how you deal with them.

Q. Did you see Agassi's match when he lost to Grosjean at the French?

JAMIE DELGADO: A little bit.

Q. When Bill Clinton walked in?

JAMIE DELGADO: I didn't actually see the match, but I heard he got put off by that.

Q. Anybody you think of we could invite?

JAMIE DELGADO: I don't think Tony Blair has the same impact (laughter). Give it a go, by all means.

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