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September 23, 1997

Filip Dewulf


Q. I'm from multimedia from Greece. It was an unlucky moment, or you had problems before here?

FILIP DEWULF: No. It just happened at 2-1 in the first set. I twisted my ankle. I had no problems before that.

Q. What are your comments to participate in The Compaq?

FILIP DEWULF: I mean, it's a great tournament. I enjoyed the few hours that I stayed here, were incredible. First time that I come here. I really enjoyed it a lot. I don't know, maybe the surface is a little bit fast for the people, as well as for the players themselves. It's difficult to play good tennis on that kind of surface. That's what I think about it.

Q. Many people prefer to watch matches in the claycourt because the points are longer. Do you prefer to play clay or fast court?

FILIP DEWULF: I like to play on fast courts as well, but I think this court especially is a little bit too fast. I mean, there is almost no rallies. You have to play serve and volley. I mean, it's tough to play from the baseline on this kind of court. I don't think it's that nice to watch that sort of tennis. Nothing I can do.

Q. How exactly did it happen?

FILIP DEWULF: I missed it, really stupid. The ball came back from the net and I put my foot on it and I twisted it. Very stupid. It's always stupid to twist your ankle, but this one was really stupid. Should have kicked it, the ball.

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