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August 31, 2004

Juan Carlos Ferrero



Q. After he pulled out that fourth set, what were you thinking?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I was thinking that he still feel tired, you know, because since the beginning of the fourth set, you know, I was starting pretty well, 4-1. I was seeing him that he feels like very tired, you know. He did some movements, you know, to the ground, something like this. I thought that he was tired and was pretty close to finish in the fourth set. But he was recovering very good, you know. He could finish very good the fourth set, you know. When I start the fifth set, you know, I still thinking that he's very tired, you know, and I had to still focus in moving him a lot. You know, that's it. I was thinking I'm doing very well, this movement, you know, and I could finish the match winning.

Q. Were you surprised that he was running down all those shots?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, after 4-1, you know, I was very surprised because, you know, he feels very tired. But he start to play very well, you know. The fourth set and also the fifth. I was a little bit surprised.

Q. Seems you have been struggling with your game what is the most difficult thing to find back?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: The confidence. The confidence in difficult moments. You know, it's difficult to find the way, you know, like before. But, you know, I'm like a new car that I need some treatment before, you know, to be the same as before.

Q. Physically you feel completely fit now?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, completely fit. I was tired, of course, at the end of the match. But, anyways, I didn't feel any pain in my body. I could run any ball, you know, without problems, so I'm pretty happy for that.

Q. What do you feel was the strongest part of your game tonight?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I think it wasn't very solid whole match. I had a lot of chances to finish the match before that I did. So maybe this is the reason that I felt not that happy that I want to be. But, you know, anyways is the first match you know, and I think I'm getting the tournament. I have tomorrow and also after tomorrow to be ready again and to try to do the same tennis as I did before.

Q. Were you frustrated at all with the umpire and a lot of the lines-people?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Some balls. Some balls. I saw good balls, you know, in that moment. But anyways, it's only moments in the match. I think was a very important moment because was 4-Love in the third set, you know. I could finish with 5-4. But, anyways, it's moment, you know, and I have to forget in the next point to try to still playing well.

Q. If you compare this year with last year, it's not a good year for you.

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I can't. I can't compare.

Q. Do you still set goals for the end of the year or you're already thinking next year?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: My goals, you know, it's very easy to say. My goal is to try to be fit again, you know, and try to play good tennis again and forget about the points and forget about anything because if I have to think to defend here and also Madrid, I had a very bad year before. I have to think that I have to come back good and I will see what's happened.

Q. What about Davis Cup?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Yeah, of course.

Q. It was a pretty vocal crowd tonight. Does the crowd ever have any impact on your momentum?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Not bad. All moment affect me very good because they were supporting me very well, you know, also him. But when we were in good moments, you know, like a tiebreak, like a fifth set, the people was screaming a lot, was very happy to watch the match. I think they enjoy a lot and they saw a very good match.

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