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March 13, 1999

Chris Woodruff


GREG SHARKO: With Chris' semifinal run, he'll jump from 550 to around 165 on next week's ATP Tour rankings. First question.

Q. When he came out serving like that, did you think you were in trouble pretty early on?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: No. He always comes out serving like that. He just played really well.

Q. Kind of like trying to catch a bullet in your bare


CHRIS WOODRUFF: I guess you could look at it like that.

Q. How would you assess your week?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Fabulous. It was a great week. Anything other than that, it was outstanding. Very proud of myself.

Q. Moya said his accomplishment was like a dream. Was this a dream week for you?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I don't know about a dream. I don't think we quite reached that level. Had I won the tournament, it would have been probably a dream. This was just a nice satisfying way to let, hopefully, myself and the rest of the tennis world know that I'm back.

Q. What are your immediate goals? What do you want to take out of this week's performance?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Well, I just don't really know. I'm just going to enjoy it. My immediate goal is to get in the car and go to Phoenix right now. I'm just going to enjoy it, just keep playing and having fun. I mean, I'm doing great so far.

Q. What's in Phoenix?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Avis. That's where I have to return the rental car.

Q. What did you think of your chances going into this match, knowing what a gorilla server he is?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I know they were pretty good. I've beaten him a couple of times. I think it was 2-2.


CHRIS WOODRUFF: Really. He's a tough guy. Not taking anything away from him, I wasn't running on all cylinders today. It was just a matter of time before this whole week caught up with me. That was my seventh match. Seven matches is usually enough to win a whole tournament. Unfortunately with him, he's a front-runner, and when he gets ahead, hits the ball that hard, he's a tough guy to catch.

Q. Were you worn out a little bit then?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: You know, it's funny, I was a little worn out mentally. As far as I know right now, my body feels pretty good. But mentally I'm pretty tired.

Q. What's on your schedule for the coming weeks?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Well, I'm going to try to decide. I think I was offered a wildcard into the Lipton today. I'm going to entertain the idea of accepting that. Then I play an exhibition in Houston. Then I'm going to go down to The Masters golf tournament.

Q. As a spectator, I assume?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: As a spectator.

GREG SHARKO: No caddying?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: No caddying.

Q. Who are you going to follow?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Anybody really. Bob Tway I like a lot. Just anybody. I just love golf. I think it's a great sport.

Q. Have you been to The Masters before, or is this your first?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Several times.

Q. Did you catch any of the women's final on TV in the locker room?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I did, yeah.

Q. That was a great, dramatic match. Do you think anything in golf matches that one-on-one intensity that you get in tennis when it reaches high drama like that?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Oh, I mean, Mark O'Meara's putt last year, I think it equals that, every bit of it. Yeah, I think golf is definitely just as big as tennis in terms of drama. I mean, in fact, golf, I would venture to say, is a lot harder than tennis.

Q. Did you watch the first match a little bit, the Moya match?


Q. You didn't get to see him become No. 1 at all?


End of FastScripts....

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