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August 11, 1999

Chris Woodruff


MIKI SINGH: Chris rolls on to the third round against Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

Q. (Inaudible)?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I played really well. I played exceptionally well yesterday. I carried yesterday's play right over into today.

Q. Looks like you're playing with a lot of confidence.

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I am. I feel pretty focused right now. It's nice to be back, back not only playing tennis, but it's nice to be back in Cincinnati. This for me has always been a great stop. The facilities are first class. You've heard many times that the people here are very friendly. It's just a great tournament.

Q. What kind of special precautions do you take now, rehab?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: What do I do now, rehab?

Q. Yes.

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Well, there's no more rehab on my left knee. I guess to answer your question, about the only precautions I take are I try to stay away from recreational activities other than golf. Just have to watch myself. I've wanted to go shoot some baskets or do some stuff that I shouldn't. Just before I go out the door, I kind of catch myself.

Q. Have you had an urge to kick?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Have I had an urge to kick? I guess the only urge I've had to kick was my butt, to kick my own butt. No, hasn't really been an urge to kick. Although, UT, you know, special teams, they could use a kicker maybe this year (laughter).

Q. Are you getting close to where you think you were two summers ago before the rash of injuries?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I think that's more for everybody else to decide. I mean, if you want to get result-oriented, maybe I haven't had as consistent results that I was having in '97. I've definitely stepped it up in some big tournaments. I won Newport. I feel like I'm definitely playing the same as I did in '97. I don't think I've lost anything. The muscle that was in my left leg, it dissipated. I've since rehabbed it and gotten it back to a hundred percent. I feel like I'm playing like I was in '97. Beating Wayne Ferreira, Enqvist, a couple other big wins I've had this year I think says it all.

Q. (Inaudible)?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Surgery was pretty basic. Just went in there and took out some things, filed down some things. It was just pretty basic surgery. What happened, I came back a little too early, so it turned into -- a three- or four-month process turned into 11 and a half months.

Q. (Inaudible) Indian Wells?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: Indian Wells in '98 is when I came back. First tournament I think was the first of February, a little tournament in Germany.

Q. Bigger appreciation now that you've come back?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I don't know about greater appreciation. I really feel special to be able to play professional tennis. I don't know if I was really taking anything for granted before I hurt my knee. I was always trying to give -- my heart was always -- for the most part, I was always giving 110 percent always during matches. I think I train a little harder off court now than I did before I got hurt. Basically it comes down to I feel like I've been given a second chance.

Q. I know you're just focused on Cincinnati right now, but are you looking forward to Indy next week, too?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: You know, I haven't really played too well at Indy. It's a great tournament, but I've never really played well. Going from here to Indy, for whatever reason, I think the balls fly in Indianapolis. I wasn't a big fan of Washington, either. If you're asking me, "Why didn't you go to Washington," I didn't really like Washington either (laughter). I'm just trying to stay focused. I'm look forward to playing some nice golf in Indianapolis.

Q. Where do you play?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: You know, they're so nice to us up there, we're allowed to play all over, some great courses up there. Wolf Run I think is a great course.

Q. It must be interesting hitting with Pat.

CHRIS WOODRUFF: I told Pat it was nice to see everybody came out to support me during the warm-up. Everybody got a chuckle out of that. I'm used to it. No doubt about that. Four years ago, five years ago, I would have gone out there and been really nervous and scared. It's good. I like having those people around to support Patrick. It's good. It kind of gets you moving.

Q. What are the short-term goals that you have?

CHRIS WOODRUFF: The only short-term goal for me is to go out there and compete for tomorrow, take it one match at a time, not really focus on my ranking anymore. I'm really just trying to do the best I can and keep my body healthy.

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