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September 2, 1993

Natalia Zvereva


Q. How do you feel after your match?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Just fine, thank you.

Q. Did you learn from playing her-- what did you learn from playing her at Eastbourne and that helped you today?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, the surface in Eastbourne was a lot faster and that was a bit of a disadvantage for me. This is a very fast surface too, but my slice was working today, so I was able to get a lot of balls back and just slice them down to her backhand, mostly and she wasn't able to put winners on it, so that worked.

Q. Did you think she looked nervous early in the match or she was having trouble with her forehand, especially, do you think that kind of through her off?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: She missed a few easy forehand sit-ups. If I hit outside her forehand on the run, she wouldn't be that -- she would be better, but if it would be like an easy sit-up, she wouldn't -- she would go for it like wild, crazy, but then she missed it at the tape of the net.

Q. Natasha, when you first burst on the season there was a lot of hype about you. Now there is a lot of attention being paid to her. Can you sympathize with how hard it is for her to make this transition now?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: How old is she?

Q. She is 20. She had the college career.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: She is a little bit just a couple of years older than when I started to play, you know, sort of good, so I guess, I think it is a little bit easier. It should be a little bit easier for her. I don't know. For me, it would have been a little bit easier if I was 20 instead of 17, but I didn't know that that they paid so much attention to her.

Q. Well, she was undefeated in two years of college.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, I guess -- good results.

Q. Natasha, you see her perform out there; everybody knows she is a very fine athlete. She moves very fluidly; strokes looks great and yet her results have not been that great. Do you see the potential in her to be a top 10 or top 20 player?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, you can't just go and say she is a great athlete and -- well, the results are not that great, as you know, or whatever. You just can't -- everybody is an individual. And I do think that she has a very good potential. She is -- she is an amazing athlete and has very good groundstrokes and moves, volleys, good serve, so you know, it can happen just like that, in a very short time, but it may not happen; maybe, you know, perhaps.

Q. What do you think she is lacking, experience?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Gee, this is a Lisa Raymond -- Natasha Zvereva press conference. I don't know. Frankly, I don't know. I don't think anything lacking. She is playing good.

Q. Has your success in doubles affected your singles or did you think that it is just a matter -- are you still as hungry at singles?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Nothing affected anything. There you go. Singles have not affected my doubles and doubles have not affected my singles.

Q. So you think that in terms of singles you are about as where you should be?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I am hungry whenever I want to be, you know, if I feel like concentrating and playing a good match, even like if I am playing bad or something like that, you know, I still be able to do it. It is just -- it is a matter of whether I want it or not.

Q. Do you want it now?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I wanted it in this match, yeah.

Q. How about the next week and a half?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Who knows? I don't know myself.

Q. Do you find it more difficult playing the top ranked players or beating them, rather?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: It is more difficult, yeah. Just because I think they are better than me, so that is why it is difficult, you know. I might go out and sometime and think, yeah, I can -- if I play good, I can beat her, but that doesn't happen too often.

Q. You don't see a lot of top ranked men playing doubles because they feel that there is too many matches during the course of a tournament. Could the amount of doubles you are playing be affecting your endurance level in singles, stamina?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: No. I think it helps my confidence and I am even in the mixed doubles, so it gives me confidence. I may get tired or sore, but you know, overall it gives me more confidence.

Q. Thank you.

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