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March 22, 1995

Natalia Zvereva


Q. Close, but no cigar, Natasha. Do you feel like you are getting closer to beating Steffi?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I believe so. I work on it each time and hopefully by the end of my tennis career, maybe I will win, I hope.

Q. What is it you think you did today to get her off her game?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: What did I do today? Well, I played a match, yeah.

Q. Anything about what you did in your shot-making that you think you could have upset the type of game that she plays?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I believe I did a pretty good job. I had my own tactics and they worked out pretty well, yeah. I can't say I am really recovered from the last two matches last night. It was a very bad schedule; but who am I to complain? I am playing here in a tournament.

Q. Yesterday, Judith Wiesner said, compared to last year she had improved very much. Do you agree with that?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, I guess if Judith said that I trust her and I believe her.

Q. What is your opinion about it? You played her often enough.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, every time we meet, basically she either plays extremely well, or well. She never plays "under well." So I wouldn't say she improves since I played her last time. I mean, not drastically, no, let me put it that way.

Q. Anything else?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: This is lively.

Q. Did you notice after she struck the ace, the movements that she made that followed the movements you had made after you hit a backhand winner?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Good for her, I am glad. I am glad she was able to top that shot. Well, although it wasn't that spectacular, I have to admit that. It was just a serve, You know, I don't hit my backhand, one-handed often enough, so I thought it was pretty spectacular - anyway, I thought so.

Q. Natasha, do you feel Monica should get some kind of special seeding treatment when she comes back?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Seeding treatment?

Q. Well, you know, I mean, the ranking, when she comes back, so she is not going to play a qualifier or something?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Yes. I believe the Tour is going to make sure she will be in a one of the top positions so she doesn't have to play a seeded person right away in the first two rounds. So I believe that is a good way to put it at the moment.

Q. Have you talked to her much? Do any of you guys talk to her at all, Monica?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I could not say for anybody else. But not personally me, no. It is very -- I haven't really had a relationship with her on the Tour. I don't believe many people did anyway, so, no, personally not me, no.

Q. Do you think it would be good for the Tour if she did come back?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Oh, very good, yes. I personally would really love if she can handle her, I guess, herself being scared and afraid and come back and I know she is very tough. I know she can do it.

Q. Do you understand why a lot of the top players, they keep themselves removed from the other players in terms of relationships?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I don't understand that. Do you think it is that way right now?

Q. I think with some of them.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, you are probably right. Some of them; but not all of them. Yeah, I do believe there is good relations between all of us.

Q. I don't mean that you don't get along, I just mean in terms of becoming good and close friends, they keep themselves in their own little camp.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I guess it is individual choice. Whatever a person chooses to do, I guess that is her or his own deal. Maybe they feel very private or don't want to be bothered. I am certainly not that way, you know, I seem to be liking basically everyone on the Tour.

Q. Speaking about you, are you never really angry about losing a match even if it is close and you could have won a set?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: If I'd be angry about this match, I would be a fool, really. I think it was an extremely great experience for me and plus I am very grateful that I won last night's match because it was very difficult to stay in there, and come up and give a good effort this afternoon without a rest, it is unbelievable.

Q. When you walked off the court you got a pretty big ovation from the crowd. I think it was more than just the fact that you had played her closely, but I think the people-- the crowd appreciated your gestures and enthusiasm of playing; you seemed to be having fun out there. Can you talk about that a little bit?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Well, I certainly hope you are right and I'd love that if it is really that way. I seem to be getting very comfortably on the show courts, basically most of the time and I guess it gives me an adrenaline to see a big amount of people watching me and plus especially, if I play good, and if it is a tight match; if it is a really good match, I like that - I really do.

Q. Do you think your success in doubles has something to do with that, the enthusiasm or you are likely to play there more now?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: No. No, I think it is just me individually. I have learned how to do that and I'd like to continue if I can. I will try anyway.

Q. Within the last year you have made one big step forward to the absolute top singles players. What is the main reason for that?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Can you rephrase that, please?

Q. Yeah, I will try.


Q. You improved your singles game very much in the last maybe 6, 8 months. What do you consider the main reason for that besides having won more matches?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I guess me being happy, really. I guess that -- if I am basically happy with myself and I am having a lot of fun, I know nothing would matter anyway and if I do my best, that also -- I have been brought up that way and that is what I am trying to do right now just basically have a lot of fun, go for it, and enjoy it.

Q. Do you have a coach now?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I have a hitting partner.

Q. Do you ever think you would want to have a coach again to perhaps move up even higher or do you think, no way, I don't want that?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: At this particular moment I would say no way. But my mind changes in about probably every each day, I don't know.

Q. Why don't you prefer to have a coach right now?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Because I am doing so well without him, dammit (kiddingly). No, really, because I think I am doing really well without one, why would I want to change something? If it wouldn't work out, then I might give it another thought and try to come up with something better, maybe. Jim Fuhse, that was not my song.

Q. What is your song? Which song did you want?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: It was either Off Spring or Metallica, Off Spring, "come out and play".

Q. Which song did they play?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: Four non-blondes (sic). What is up? Okay, thanks.

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