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November 20, 1993

Anke Huber


Q. Anke, do you finally believe now you might be able to beat her?

ANKE HUBER: Maybe I lost now-- I don't know, maybe the next time it's the same like before, but I think I played a really good-- very good match today and first time very good, and so I maybe have a little more confidence now when I play against her, sure, and I had the feeling now I can beat her.

Q. Why was this match so much different to the other matches?

ANKE HUBER: I don't know why it was different, I just tried to play my game, I tried not to think about anything and just, just get into it, and I found on the court I think was very important.

Q. She said on TV you took many more risks against her; did you set out to do that?

ANKE HUBER: Yes, I have to take a lot of risks. When you want to beat her you have to do this.

Q. Will you be content that you finally won a set, that you are making progress towards winning these matches against Steffi?

ANKE HUBER: Yes, sure, it's good-- it gives you confidence if you win one set, sure, the first time, so I think it gives me confidence for the next matches.

Q. Do you feel this is a good way to finish the year?

ANKE HUBER: It would have been better if I won, yeah, sure, but I think it is a good finish, yeah, sure.

Q. Is there a key game that you look back on?

ANKE HUBER: A key game today in the match?

Q. Yes.

ANKE HUBER: Yes, I think 3-2 in the third and there was a lot of deuce and advantages and I think I just tried to do too much at this point maybe and not let her play, she made a lot of mistakes, easy mistakes in this game and still won it, so, I think I just-- I tried a little bit too much at these times.

Q. What were you trying to do that you think was too much in that game?

ANKE HUBER: I think I played too long lines too fast, it's very difficult with a slice to play a long line, so I have to wait for a short ball to do it and I think two times too fast and, just-- I just didn't have the control like before.

Q. What sets Steffi apart, what makes it difficult to beat here her; do you think it's something in her tennis game or is it her the toughness and her responses to situations?

ANKE HUBER: I think both. She is very tough mentally, her game, her serve is very strong, it's very tough to make a break, it's very difficult and also her footwork is the best in the game, the footwork, and she never gives up for sure, that's the most important thing.

Q. Did you see a difference after she took the lead at the end, how strong she became the final couple of times--

ANKE HUBER: Sure, it's when you leading you play with more confidence than when you're down. So, yeah, sure, I saw it. Her serve came better again and the whole game, her forehand was better and her whole game was better again and-- but it's normal I think for her game for sure, yes, she's lead.

Q. Could you see any sign of her back bothering her? Is there anything in her movement that shows up on the court?

ANKE HUBER: I didn't see anything, but she doesn't show everything, so it's difficult.

Q. Could you see that ball that you hit that she argued about that --

ANKE HUBER: I couldn't see it at all it was on the baseline or whatever, I couldn't see, it was impossible for me to see it.

Q. You took your-- away from the court --

ANKE HUBER: Not at all no, and I'm sorry about it.

Q. Tell us about the final game, four service winners for her --

ANKE HUBER: Okay, I think she served very well in this game. It was tough for me to do anything, so I cannot tell you something about it.

Q. Thank you.

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