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September 2, 1995

Anke Huber


Q. How do you feel about another rematch or a rematch?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I am looking forward to it. I think it was pretty good match in Toronto and if I make maybe some of the important points, I can just improve my serve a little bit, I think it can be a little bit closer. For sure it is going to be very tough. She is playing well - I think even better than the first matches in Toronto, so it is going to be very, very tough.

Q. Sort of feel like the draw making gods are against you these days?

ANKE HUBER: Well, yeah, maybe it is not the best draw that I could have. Well, that is the way it is, though. I try to take it.

Q. What happened in today's match, in the first set, what changed then that you were able to turn it around?

ANKE HUBER: I don't know. I think I was just sleeping in the first set. I couldn't get the balls in. I didn't play really well. Afterward, she got a little bit tired. I played a little better, so it was okay. I am happy that I won at the end. I was just a little bit stiff, I think.

Q. Are you going to change your strategy at all against Seles tomorrow?

ANKE HUBER: I think not too much. I just have to try to put under pressure that she can not make the game; that I make the game and try to let her move and that is the most important - if I can do. It is going to be really difficult. But... I try.

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