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September 4, 1995

Anke Huber


Q. If you got her into that third set, how do you think she would have held up, physically? Did you feel like, hey, if I could just get in that third set, maybe I could give her a real test?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I don't know how she would have played. I have no idea, but I think she got a little bit tired. So I mean there was long rallies, I think she got tired at the end, but you never know, you know, maybe she bring something back, but I had a lot of chances in the second set, but just missed them, so...

Q. The drop shot that was called out, how much did that affect your ability to hold on?

ANKE HUBER: It didn't affect me a lot, it was okay. It was 3-Love, but you know, it is just a little bit disappointing if a ball is that much in, not even close to the line, if they call it out wide, so you are just a little bit disappointed, and it is tough at 3-All and deuce, so I didn't lose the match because of this or I didn't lose the set, but it just -- doesn't feel good.

Q. Do you think some of the players, maybe yourself at times, or some of the others are people choking against her just a little bit at times, maybe because, oh, God, I am playing Monica; she is; back it is a big deal to be playing her again; do you think that might be hurting some players at key moments?

ANKE HUBER: Well, it was hurting already. For sure, always when you play against top player at important moments like me today, I had a lot of advantages and I just missed the first shot or something like that, so it is very tough always against a top player. They put the first ball in and they don't miss any balls on the important points, so it is always difficult. It is not that she is just coming back or at the top. It is always the same, I guess.

Q. How would you compare how she played now to Toronto; any differences, any --

ANKE HUBER: Well, I think she started better than in Toronto, for sure, and in the second set she made maybe a little bit more errors, a little bit easier, but maybe she lost concentration. Anyway, I think she played from the whole, tennis and movement, I think, she played better than in Toronto.

Q. Point you made at 40-15 you hit a great return on her service and somehow or other she got it back and set up a backhand winner. In a situation like that there were several of those in the second set where it looked like it is was impossible to -- she got it back. How do you react, oh, my God, I hit a perfect shot; she is still getting it back?

ANKE HUBER: As I said, she moved better. She got more balls back than Toronto. Sometimes I didn't expect it like the one you just said, I didn't expect it -- something like this is coming back, so I wasn't ready for it and I missed the next shot or she played great shot again, so it was difficult sometimes, but it is normal if you play against top player, it is -- there is always something coming back.

Q. Did you get the feeling in the second set that you could have beaten her?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I didn't think about beating her; just tried to play point after point and game after game. Now I think I had the chances at least to win the second set. I don't know what would have happened in the third, so, yeah, I am trying the next time, so, we will see.

Q. When you are playing other women, do you think about beating them?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I always try to win when I go on the court and not to lose, so, sure.

Q. What is the difference? Why wouldn't you think about winning against Monica just as you think about winning against --

ANKE HUBER: It is always when you are on the court, you try to play point after point. You are not thinking about winning the match or winning everything, so you are just trying to play every point and every game, so it is against every player, I think, it is the same. There is no difference.

Q. Is her serve different than what it used to be?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, for sure. I think today she always when it was a little bit closer when I had breakpoints, she always got the first serve in. I think she never had a second serve when I had a breakpoint so that is very difficult to play her. I think her serve improved a lot. Maybe she didn't serve as hard as she did in Toronto, but always at the important points, she got it in. She played a good first serve, so it is always difficult to break.

Q. Are the other players -- I mean, the fans and media are talking a lot about Monica's come back. Is that something that is talked about a lot among the players in the locker room? Is everybody going around talking about her and how well...

ANKE HUBER: That was, for sure, a lot in Toronto, yeah, when she played the first tournament. Now everything is already back in business, I guess. It is the same as it was before. So there is not too much anymore.

Q. The way she is playing now, do you think anybody can beat her?

ANKE HUBER: Well, if somebody is playing really good tennis, for sure, she is not unbeatable. She is just a human being, sure, there is somebody who can beat her. But she is playing really well, and if she continues like this, she has a good chance to win here, for sure.

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