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November 13, 1995

Anke Huber


Q. You do so well against her, why do you think that is?

ANKE HUBER: I like her game, I feel confident when I'm playing against her. And I know I can win. If I let her move and I play my game that aggressive, I know that I can beat her. And I feel good, from the beginning I'm not playing well, then I think -- I just feel confident. I don't know why or how it's possible.

Q. What do you think she finds difficult?

ANKE HUBER: I think she just doesn't like players which play aggressive, too, which can play her speed. She doesn't like that too much, I think. It's obvious to the last matches she played and to the players she lost. And if I'm playing very, very aggressive and just try to hit as hard as she can, sometimes. I think she's getting a little bit crazy now.

Q. There was a point early in the second set where you could have gone up three break points, and you tried the drop shot instead of going for the winner. Did that bother you for a while? It looked like it did.

ANKE HUBER: It did at first. It was really not intelligent, let's say. I tried to do something special, and it wasn't the right choice, I guess. And it put me a little bit out of concentration at this moment. And I lost the next two games, I think, or the next game, very easy. So it wasn't very smart, yeah, I should have just put the ball away. But, well, afterwards everything went well, so now it's okay.

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