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November 16, 1995

Anke Huber


Q. Can you talk about the last say, ten or eleven games, what turned it around, from the second set through the third set?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I had a pretty slow start. I didn't really put a lot, and she didn't have to do a lot. I tried to play my game. I tried to be concentrated, don't think about anything, just try to play. Just hit the balls into the court. And I think that made it happen. And then at the end, I really played well. I played four, five pretty good games in the third set, when I think it was most important.

Q. Did it get a little tense toward the end, you had a lot of ads, deuces. What were you feeling like at that time?

ANKE HUBER: I got a little bit nervous at 5-Love. Then the last game was really close. And I got a little shaky. And some double faults. I was a little bit nervous to win, I guess.

Q. Last couple weeks you've been playing pretty well, can you talk about the semifinals and Philadelphia and now this? What's going on, anything in particular that you're playing well the last couple of weeks?

ANKE HUBER: I don't know. I just think I practice pretty good for the indoor season. And just be confident and nothing much is going on. Last year I played a pretty good indoor season, too. And I think at the moment I'm confident, I'm playing well. And that's it.

Q. What was the turning point with the second set?

ANKE HUBER: The turning point? I don't think there was especially a turning point in the game. It was just, I started to play better. Like I said before, I tried to put more balls into the court, let her play a little more, so she can miss some balls. Not like she had to do anything in the first set. That was the turning point, there wasn't a specific game or point.

Q. Seemed like the last set you returned her serve very well. How did you feel about that?

ANKE HUBER: Much better than in the first set. I think I was more aggressive on the second serve, and I attacked a little more. I think it was very important, because her second serve is not very strong. So I had to do that. And the first set I couldn't get them in. And I had no rhythm at all. It got much better in the second and third set.

Q. Can you just look at the two possible semifinalists, you're either going to play Brenda Schultz or Conchita. Can you say how you play against them?

ANKE HUBER: I think both are very difficult to play. Conchita, I lost the last two matches. And against Brenda, it's very difficult to play indoors. She has a very good serve. It's very fast. It's not going to be easy, for sure. But I think both of them are ready, and I have a pretty good chance. And I'll see.

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