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November 19, 1995

Anke Huber


Q. Anke, what pleased you most about your performance today? You played very well. What are some of the improvements you feel you could have made? How are you pleased with your game? And what are some of the improvements you could have made within this game?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I was pleased the way I was moving. I think I moved very well. My backhand down the line was pretty good. And I think I was just fighting. And I'm happy with that. And it was great to play five sets. It was a great experience for me. So I'm happy that I made it. The first time that I could have played it and I made it. And so it was great for me. Sure, I wanted to win. But, next time maybe.

Q. Anke, first four games you had four points, it was over in about 11 minutes. Were you overwhelmed?

ANKE HUBER: I was thinking I hope it doesn't go on like this for three sets. I was just hoping that it's going to end. But I was really, really nervous. I think everybody saw it. And it was the first final, the first big final like that. I didn't know how to hold my racket in my hand. So it was very difficult in the beginning to me. And she started well, and I really had not many chances. So it was very difficult for me in the beginning.

Q. At what point did you feel, hey, I can get into this match?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I just tried to -- tried not to think what I'm doing, and just to play my game. And started to get better. And there was some longer points, so I got into the game. There wasn't a special point, maybe. But I just got -- after the four games I just tried to put the ball in somehow and not just to shoot it somewhere. So it was getting better and better. So it was --

Q. Now that you've played the five sets, could you ever imagine that five set format for finals in the four Grand Slam tournaments?

ANKE HUBER: I think it would be great if they make it in all the Gran Slam tournaments in the finals, at least. For women's tennis, it's great. It's great for the spectators. And I think they should do it.

Q. You used a strategy yesterday, and you received. Do you think that helped you, to be able to receive against Steffi today?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, I couldn't receive as good as I received yesterday, maybe. But her serve is also much more difficult to receive. But I was happy with the way I was doing, handling it, and it was still okay. It was a good practice yesterday, let's say.

Q. That 8th game of the 5th set, how tired were you? You had a couple of unforced errors you hadn't had?

ANKE HUBER: I wasn't tired, I was getting very, very tight, like worried, tense. I was a little bit shaky. And I don't know what happened, I just tried to make, maybe the points a little bit too fast. Everything went too quick. And so I think it was just because I was too tense.

Q. Did you have the sense that this was a terrific match, when you were playing it?

ANKE HUBER: When you play you never think like that, maybe.

Q. But you could hear the crowd?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, but I think the crowd enjoyed it and it was a great match to watch, I guess. But if you lose you never think that it was great.

Q. Do you think your performance today brings a new respect from other players, maybe Steffi?

ANKE HUBER: I hope so.

Q. Did you at any time during the match, or was there any point in the match, that you thought you might win?

ANKE HUBER: I might win? It's difficult to say, when it's like 3-All in the fifth you think you can win. And today I really thought that I could do it. And it's difficult to say. There wasn't a special point, when it's that tight in the fifth set, you think I can win, always. There's always a point that you think you can win.

Q. Now that the game is over, what type of gameplan did you have for Steffi going into the match?

ANKE HUBER: What type of gameplan? Well, I just wanted to hold on her backhand first, and then play down the line and the forehand, if I have the chance to. And I think I made it pretty good sometimes. Sometimes I went to the net, sometimes I came in. There's not a special gameplan, I just tried to play my game aggressive, and tried to let her move. And I think it worked pretty well.

Q. Yesterday you made the comment, you said I'm not as good as Steffi, or I wasn't when I started. And you talked a little bit about the comparisons. Did you surprise yourself today or did you show yourself something?

ANKE HUBER: Well, it's difficult to say. It's like, sure, for me it was great. I showed also myself that maybe I can beat her. I think it was never that close. Sure, I showed myself something, but I still didn't win. So it's still missing.

Q. Do you feel like you sent notice that you were out there -- did you think that this tournament and this particular match sent notice around the tour that you are one of the ones that should be reckoned with, should be considered as a heir apparent?

ANKE HUBER: That would be great.

Q. Did you have to change or give up your vacation plans to play tonight? Were you supposed to be in the Caribbean?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, I was supposed to be there already? The middle of the week. Yeah, I wanted to go, actually, for vacation, the Caribbeans, but I didn't know that I'm going to play until Sunday, so I changed my plans, because I'm playing exhibitions next week. I have to change my plans, which is a pity.

Q. A $250,000 pity.


Q. When the men play five-set matches, the serves are stronger. Do you think that would be a problem going to the format that in some matches that it would just go on?

ANKE HUBER: Like I say, they shouldn't do it in the tournament the whole Grand Slams, but in the finals they should think about it. Because it's always great to have a big final. And I think everybody can do it from the women, also. And it would help the women's tennis, I guess.

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