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September 10, 1992

Wayne Ferreira


Q. When did you hurt yourself, Wayne?

WAYNE FERREIRA: It wasn't on anything specific. It gradually got worse and worse. I think it was about the -- when I got it strapped up, that is when it started hurting, the game before. I don't remember exactly what game it was.

Q. Did it hurt you more going for lobs and overheads, or did it hurt you throughout?

WAYNE FERREIRA: More on the serve. Yeah, because when I was bending and pushing through and coming up; that is when it hurt me a lot. Also, if I had stretched really wide for forehands or backhands. It wasn't too bad.

Q. Had it been bothering you before?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, just kind of got worse and worse as it went on.

Q. Have you ever played through pain like that?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I played through a lot of pain worse than that.

Q. It didn't seem like that much when you were out there?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No. Once I got it strapped up, it kind of took a lot of pressure off the leg and it was okay to play with.

Q. On breakpoint on the third set, he broke you to go ahead 5-3, on a point at the net when he kind of had to twist around after you hit a forehand. What do you remember about that point and can you believe that he was able to convert that?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, it was kind of frustrating, because it was a point I should have won. Might have changed things a little if I would have broke him back, could have had a chance to win that set. I think if I had won that, it would have changed things a lot. I think the point of the match which was important for me was when I served at 5-4 in the first set. That was most important for me, because I needed to get that first set out of the way and get the lead. I think if I had won that set, the match, I think, maybe would have been a lot easier for me.

Q. How difficult is it playing a guy who can run down just about every ball?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, it is very frustrating when you think you have won a point and he runs down and hits an incredible shot. That is the way he plays the game. You got to expect it and you have got to prepare for it. There were one or two points which I should have won, which he came up with unbelievable shots, which changed the match. But, you know, it is what you got -- what you got to prepare for.

Q. You had 107 unforced errors. Is that because you had to cut the shots so fine and hit so close to the line because of his retrieving abilities?

WAYNE FERREIRA: If I'd hit the ball up the middle or to the side with no pace, he is going to run down everything; make it difficult. If you play a guy like him, you have to go for a lot. You got to expect to miss a lot of balls. On the other hand, you have got to put a lot of pressure on him try get to the net; try and go for it as much as you can.

Q. Did you go for your shots more because of the injury today?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I did because I didn't want to try -- tried not to get the points too long. I tried to get them over with. I just felt that you know, I would have a better chance going for it, than just down the baseline and hurt myself more and chase because, where I wouldn't get it over with easier.

Q. What are his chances now, do you think?

WAYNE FERREIRA: He is a tough guy. I mean, depending on who wins this match, with Lendl, Edberg, you know, Michael is never a person you can say he is not going to win. I mean, he will die before he loses. And I have a lot of respect for that. I think no matter who he plays, he is going to give 110%; whoever he does play, he is going to have to put a lot in, and try and beat him. They are going to have to play really well to beat him.

Q. Is that what it felt like out there either one of you, I mean, one of you is going to die off you before you lost?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I felt there were a lot -- I could have broken him so many times, but I just never got the right points. You know, the big points that I needed, I didn't do well on. And then in the fifth set, I started really badly on my serve game. I went down a break. From then on, it was a battle to get back in.

Q. Experience a factor even though you are about the same age in these type of situations?

WAYNE FERREIRA: It's better for five-setters. I mean, I have got a little mental block on the five sets because the last -- I have only played five sets, five five-setters in my life, and three out of the five I have lost 6-1 in the fifth. So it was kind of, you know, as soon as I lost my serve, in the first set to go 2-Love, I started thinking about that again.

Q. Have you ever won a five-setter?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I have one two out of the five.

Q. What is it like when you get to that point in a match, I mean, to -- say, you get to a breakpoint, all of a sudden you think it is more important than, say, a breakpoint in the earlier set, that is what makes it more sort of a challenge at that point?

WAYNE FERREIRA: When I get-- when I had a lot of breakpoints, I just tried to do too much on them instead of just playing the way I did to get them, I tried to go for too much. And there were a lot of breakpoints where if I could have just played the point instead of trying to get it over with, I could have broken him a lot more times.

Q. After what happened to you last year here against Sampras, are you starting to feel this isn't your tournament or jinxed?

WAYNE FERREIRA: We were actually talking about it in the lockerroom. It was the same trainer that was with me last year and the same court. Just at least this year, I wasn't carried off, I actually walked off, so it wasn't too bad.

Q. Will the injury get--

WAYNE FERREIRA: I can never get that bad. Never get that bad again, I don't think. Things like this happen. I have a lot of injuries. I am lucky that this injury I have now is not going to be bad for me. It will take a little while to get over with. It is not going to be a fact or it is not going to stop me playing. I have a little time off now to recover from it. I am not worried at all.

Q. After the wrapping did you still feel it?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, when I got wrapped, it helped a lot; took a lot of pressure off, but there were certain shots, at certain times of the match I could still feel it.

Q. If you had won the match, would you have been able to play semis on Friday?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I think so. If I could have got it strapped more and when I practiced and again on my match, I don't think it would have been that much of a factor, no, I didn't-- it didn't harm me in any way. It didn't stop my mobility at all.

Q. Thank you very much.

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