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September 6, 1993

Wayne Ferreira


Q. What happened at the beginning of the third set?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, just a little upset maybe of the two sets and got a little bit loose and didn't play as well as I should have.

Q. Is he a frustrating guy? Does he take away a lot of the game that you would like to play?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I was just more frustrated on the chances that I had. I played pretty well today. Did things well that I had to do. I just didn't -- got to the stage where I was right there and just didn't take advantage of what I set myself up for.

Q. Was it especially frustrating in the first set when you had all those breakpoints chances?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Both sets I had a lot of chances on his serve pretty much every serve game that he had. Didn't take advantage of anything. So it made it a lot difficult, especially playing a guy like Michael where you have to fight so hard on your serve that it is necessary when you get a chance to take -- to use the opportunity.

Q. How well do you think he is playing? Do you think he has a chance to win the tournament?

WAYNE FERREIRA: He has always got a chance. He is a tough person to play. He never gives you anything. He is the type of guy even on his off day you have to play well to beat him. That is just the way he is.

Q. Do you think he played better today than what he does or you played below par?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, I played well. I am not unhappy the way that I played. I did everything well. I just didn't use my chances. He played consistent the way that he always does. I mean, I wouldn't say he is playing better or worse. I mean, he doesn't -- his game never varies that much. He always seems to be playing the same way, putting the same pressure on you. He is a really, really tough person to play against.

Q. Do you think playing all those five sets hurt you today?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I felt fine. I feel great now. Felt like I haven't even started playing. I got a lot of energy left. I don't think that was factor at all. Each day I played - even though I played five sets, I got stronger everyday.

Q. Wayne, this is effectively the end of the big part of the season. Can you compare or contrast the way you are today to where you were a year ago at this time?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I am not really worried about the difference that I am having. Right now, I mean I have had a bad patch this year. Haven't really done well, as well as I'd like to in the Grand Slams and, you know, even though I got to the round of 16, I got to the quarters here last year and did worse. I am happy the results that I had this week and how I have played. I actually improved a lot of things. Even though I didn't do as well. I am much more happy, I think this year in my effort than I am last year.

Q. Are you a better player?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I think -- I mean I am hitting the ball just as well as I did last year. But I think there is a few mental side that I am starting to do a lot better and more often now, which I think in the long run is going to help me and benefit me, a lot more than say, doing better last year than I did this year.

Q. Why did you doublefault at a couple of crucial moments?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Who knows, hey? Why do you doublefault any time? It just happens.

Q. Thank you.

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