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September 1, 1994

Wayne Ferreira


Q. Wayne, what happened?

WAYNE FERREIRA: He's a good player, seems to me a little hot and cold and a few bad ones. He hits the ball really well. He's not really aggressive enough, and if he came in a lot more, he probably would have won a lot more points, especially on his serve.

Q. He hits the ball pretty hard from the back court, though.

WAYNE FERREIRA: He does, but he misses a lot on it as well. He's a good baseliner. Like I said, you know, just maybe he should try and be a little more aggressive.

Q. Wayne, in your own free time, do you ever go out and play any other sports besides tennis?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah, I play golf.

Q. What's your handicap?


Q. Six?


Q. Wow. Are you playing here at all?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah, I played on Sunday, went and played at Wingford.

Q. Did you like it?


Q. What did you get?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I got about a 79 or an 80-something.

Q. What about the Cricket. Are you doing any Cricket?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I don't play any, no. I try and watch a little, but -- especially here in the states, they aren't giving any results or anything. And like now, I think they're touring England. You can't see a thing.

Q. Are you living here now full-time?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, at the moment I'm staying in Paris.

Q. How do you like this -- what's your favorite Slam and how do you like this one?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I like -- I mean, out of the worst I think the French to me is the worst from surfacewise. Clay is not my favorite surface. Each one has good things and bad things, this is a little too far out, a little bit too much going on, too many people, too big. By the end of this, when you leave this, you have to really go somewhere and try and relax a little it. It's very stressful.

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