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September 3, 1994

Wayne Ferreira


Q. What happened to you out there today?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, I didn't play well.

Q. Any reason why you made so many unforced errors?


Q. Did you feel it as it was coming? Did it snowball out there for you or did you feel you could dig yourself out of it?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I think what I was feeling and how I was playing were pretty difficult to have gotten back in the match.

Q. Did you think, at all, maybe toward the end of that third set that you seemed to battle back.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, yeah, I battled back, but I was never really in it, even though I broke him back, I didn't feel that I was mentally feeling good enough.

Q. Feeling, meaning physically? Sounds like something was going on with you.

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, just mentally. Just one mental day, just didn't feel good, that is all.

Q. Did you have to come back too fast? Did you play last night?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, the night before.

Q. Scheduling was all right?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Schedule was fine.

Q. What do you think of Agassi as a player -- of his game?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I mean, he is a great player. He hits the ball well. Does a lot of things, mixes it up pretty well. I mean, as a person to play against he is one of the most difficult the way that he plays his game. He is tough to play from the back and tough to come to net against him. He is just a very difficult person.

Q. Do you know what to expect from him ever?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, he changes it up quite a lot. When you think you are getting in a groove on one thing, he does something different. He is a very smart player.

Q. Did you feel like coming in you were seeded 12; he is ranked only 20th?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Doesn't make a difference at all.

Q. With him or in general?

WAYNE FERREIRA: With him, especially, but in general as well.

Q. So if you would have been a Las Vegas gambler on your match you wouldn't have necessarily made yourself the overwhelming favorite in the match?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, not at all. Especially against him.

Q. How do you see his next match against Chang?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I think if he can -- Michael is a tough player and I think if Andre can stay mentally strong throughout the whole match, I would have to favor him. He is hitting the ball really well and feeling pretty good. Just depends on if he can last long enough, last for five sets, if he has to go that far.

Q. Do you think he is fit enough?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I don't think he is unfit at all. Obviously, I think Michael is a little bit fitter and is probably going to try to stay out there as long as possible, but I don't think he really lacks on that side.

Q. You didn't want to come in here particularly? Are you angry at the press or something that was written?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I just didn't feel like talking to you guys for a while. I just felt like being alone and not being bugged by anybody.

Q. Nothing personal; just one of those things?


Q. Do you know what the fine is for not talking to the press?

WAYNE FERREIRA: What does it matter if I didn't feel like talking to you? I mean, I always would have come in here. I just didn't feel like talking to you straight a way. I felt like being alone.

Q. It looked like you were playing pretty well. Is it disappointing to come. . .

WAYNE FERREIRA: Very disappointing. I haven't felt this disappointed for a long time. I felt I had a good opportunity to do well. I had been playing great. I had been feeling really good. And then I come out and put in an effort like this, I am really disappointed in how the whole outcome of the match went.

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