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August 29, 1997

Anke Huber

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. How disappointed are you, Anke?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I'm disappointed because I played terrible. I think that's the only thing. Well, she played well. I played very good the first two matches. Today I couldn't find any rhythm.

Q. Why do you think that you just couldn't find a rhythm? Did she put you in that position?

ANKE HUBER: Well, we played in Los Angeles. She played almost the same there. Somehow I knew what's coming. But I didn't feel comfortable out there. I hit everything too late; I saw everything very late. Maybe it was because evening. I have no idea. It was just totally different than the day matches I played. I just saw everything very late. I think it was myself. I don't think that she pushed me. She didn't play anything special compared to Los Angeles.

Q. In the second set, basically whoever served won the game. When she finally won on, I think it was the fourth point, did that kind of rattle you a little bit when she finally broke your serve?

ANKE HUBER: For sure, because she was serving quite well. I think that was the best part today of her game. So if I lose my serve, it's very hard to come back. For sure, you're disappointed the first moment. Maybe you cool down a little bit, you're like frustrated. But still I always tried. But my return was terrible. Usually it's a little bit better. She was never under pressure, so I never took advantage of her second serve or anything. So it was kind of easy for her to serve well.

Q. You said she didn't play very special, but was it still the best you've seen her play?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah. She played good, but she didn't play anything special compared to Los Angeles. I mean, she played the same kind of game. She didn't do anything different. That's what I meant. She took the ball very early; she hit very hard; she was serving well. I'm not saying she did anything special. She's playing well. It was nothing that I didn't know what's coming.

Q. Do you think the younger players, Venus, Martina Hingis, have an advantage all of a sudden in this game? Does the game lean toward them?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I don't know. I just mean she has nothing to lose when she plays against me. She can hit the balls. She can just play. She doesn't need to think about anything; she just goes in and plays. So if she loses, okay. If she wins, it's great. It's advantage from all the young players. It was the same with me when I came up.

Q. But she's also gotten a lot of publicity here in the States. I think there's got to be some pressure on her. Wouldn't you have to agree with that?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah. I think it's a little bit too much. But still, for sure, it's also kind of a pressure. If she's playing against Top-10 Player, I think nobody really expects her to win. She can take it easy, I guess.

Q. I'm sorry, you thought the publicity was too much or the advance notice of her was too much?

ANKE HUBER: Well, maybe the publicity, because I don't know what's her ranking right now. For that, she got quite a lot of attention, I guess.

Q. Your bracket is pretty wide open. Do you see her moving on from here or do you see other girls in this bracket who are going to give her trouble?

ANKE HUBER: For sure she's going to play well the next. She's moving up in the ranking, that's for sure. I guess she will be a top player in the next three years, I guess. There is some other young players, sure, but she's one of them.

Q. Is it tougher to lose to somebody so young just kind of coming into their own versus losing to a veteran?

ANKE HUBER: For sure it's always tough if you lose against a young player. You don't like to lose against a 16 or 17 year old girl. I think it's kind of normal. But, you know, if I would have played well and I would have lost, it's okay. But if you play bad, it's always a little bit more disappointing. Doesn't matter against who you are playing.

Q. Do you think the crowd was a factor tonight? Did it help get her up at all?

ANKE HUBER: I think it wasn't that bad. I expected it a little bit worse, actually. I went into the match. I thought everybody will be against me, you know, screaming. I think it wasn't a great match, so the crowd stayed a bit quiet.

Q. What did you say at the end? What did she say to you at the end, at the net, anything?

ANKE HUBER: I just said, "Well played."

Q. Did her exuberance bother you at the end? Looked like she was ready to have a party.

ANKE HUBER: It's her mentality. I don't care about it.

Q. I never watched you play before. The grunting was quite loud. Is that standard for you when you play?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah. But usually I hit the balls well, better, I'd say better.

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