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November 17, 1997

Anke Huber


Q. Anke, to some extent are you still trying to fathom how you lost that match? You had chances to win both sets.

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, well, I came in the first, I have to win the second, let's say that way. But, well, she played always well when she had to. She was serving well, very well today, and I didn't play as good as I should to win against her. And I think that's all that I can say.

Q. Does that much sort of sum up the year you've had; frustrating, not end as well as you would have liked?

ANKE HUBER: You know, it was 7-6, 7-6, it's also a little bit unlucky four sets. It's frustrating because I didn't play horrible, but I played as well as I played in Philadelphia, so I cannot say it's frustrating. It wasn't a great year for me, that's for sure. But I would have liked to have ended a little better, for sure. She played better today, and I think we had always tough matches always when we played. Sometimes I won and sometimes she won. And now she won here, which is not very good for me.

Q. Are you still expected or scheduled to play Graf in the exhibition next month?


Q. That's been canceled?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, I canceled. I have to take some time off. I had a lot of injuries lately and I want a few weeks off.

Q. Do you have any feelings about her expected comeback; hope for a good come back for her?

ANKE HUBER: Yeah, for sure I hope she can play well and play as good as she played before she got injured. It would be great for everybody. It would be great for the tennis, for Germany, for everybody. I just hope for her and for the whole tennis.

Q. In Philadelphia you used your dropshot very effectively in a number of occasions. I didn't see you using that as much tonight.

ANKE HUBER: It was very difficult. She put a lot of pressure on me from the first shot all the time. Sometimes she was missing and a lot of times she was making it. So I didn't have that many opportunities to make a dropshot. And I didn't feel as comfortable as I felt in Philadelphia. If you -- the better you feel, the more you play. And that didn't happen today. And that happened more in Philadelphia, so I could use my dropshot a little bit more.

Q. When you come into a tournament like this, is there any realistic chance of anybody beating Martina Hingis?

ANKE HUBER: Why not? I think she had a lot of tough matches last week, and I think all of her matches went to three sets. And I think that's one of the surfaces where she's for sure beatable. Like I think Lindsay could win the match last week. I even could have one the match. And so why not. I think she's beatable, and I think everybody will try hard to do that.

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