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May 29, 2004

Angel Cabrera


MARIA ACACIA: Very good playing, 68.

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, it was a very good round, this third round. I think I've got a very good chance for tomorrow.

I feel very comfortable on this golf course. I have always said that, and I like it very much.

Q. Why the difference from last week?

ANGEL CABRERA: This is not an excuse, don't take it like that, but I wasn't feeling well. I was feeling quite ill last week, and on Friday, I went out in the afternoon matches and that got me really bad and I wasn't feeling well to play the following day.

Q. What was the problem?

ANGEL CABRERA: Bit of a flu.

Q. You have pledged yourself to the European Tour, and what would it mean winning the flagship event on the European Tour?

ANGEL CABRERA: It will mean to go a very, very high step forward in my golfing career. To win the PGA would mean a lot to me. It's such a big event and to us it is the most important event after the British Open.

MARIA ACACIA: Let's go over the details.

ANGEL CABRERA: Missed the green on the second. Hit in the bunker, two meter, two putts for bogey.

Birdie 4th, driver, 5-iron, ten meters, two putts.

7, bogey with 3-wood. Missed green, 9-iron approach, three meters, two putts.

8, birdie, 3-iron, pitching wedge and eight-meter putt.

10, birdie, 8-iron, 3 1/2 meters putt.

11, birdie, driver, lob-wedge to two meters.

The eagle on the 12th, driver, 7-iron, five meters.

Q. 17 and 18, no chances?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yeah, but I missed from two on the 17th and seven, eight meters on the 18th.

Q. You weren't on the green on the 18th then?


Q. But your drive was in the rough?

ANGEL CABRERA: Fairway bunker.

Q. Which player do you most fear tomorrow?

ANGEL CABRERA: Cabrera. (Laughter.)

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