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December 6, 1994

Wayne Ferreira


Q. Wayne, can you tell what actually in today'S game do you need to get into the top 10; what do you think?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Today's match I played pretty well. I just ran into a patch where I didn't serve too well, but besides that, I played as well as I'd like to.

Q. Would it be enough to get into the top 10 because this was -- the past year has been one of your best; you are so close now.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah, I think the mental side is the main point in time. I think the game -- the game is fine. I mean, I am hitting the ball well. It is just like today, I think I served, for a patch, badly.

Q. Are you working on that part of your game?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Some days it is good; some days it is difficult. Today, the thing that is difficult, when I was serving badly to know what I was doing wrong it is difficult. Sometimes I know and sometimes I don't. If I don't, it gets a little frustrating or difficult.

Q. It sounds like a coach's job to me.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah. I mean, that is the thing. It is something that I need to try and figure out for myself.

Q. When you look back on 1994, it really has been a superb year. What would be the one thing that you would put it down to?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I think enjoying the game has been the most important. Last year wasn't so much fun. I had a lot of stressful times and stressful feelings throughout the year and I overcome those, sorted out what they were and got rid of whatever was doing that for me. It has been fun for me this year. I have well. I have enjoyed it. I have played a lot. But I still have fun every match I played. I got the usual frustration and usual upset, whatever, but I think I have been able to deal with it and overcome it a lot easier than the years before.

Q. When the sports (inaudible) South Africa was gone, did you notice any changes for yourself?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I think most all the countries when we were still -- I think all the countries that we were allowed to always had a good feeling for us and always welcomed us into the country and then when the ban started we went to the countries we were allowed to they were very nice to us. The only thing I really felt about the ban was being able to schedule my tournaments. A lot of times I wasn't able to schedule and say I will go here. Everyone has been really nice for us.

Q. That of course is the Davis Cup has come to it, Davis Cup?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah, well, I have played the last couple of years, EuroAfrica 3; playing in Tunis, those kinds of places; trying to get my country back to the World Group and we have made it now and we have a good chance in our first round, so hopefully it has been important to our country as it is for us.

Q. It is important?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, for us, it is important. I don't know how important it is for the country. The last Davis Cup matches we played have been really disappointing for us. Hopefully now that we are in the World Group and we are playing a decent country, so to speak, people will give a little bit more into the tennis and maybe support us a little better than they have been.

Q. I don't know about having an easy next round in next year's World Group. What are your thoughts about being in the World Group?

WAYNE FERREIRA: It is fun. As for the match, we have -- I am sure there are a lot of countries that are on paper a lot more difficult than they are. It is a country that I think if we had to pick a country in the World Group that was the best one for us to play just because South Africa has such a rivalry with Australia and the cricket and the rugby and everybody in South Africa always knows about Australia and to play at home against a country like that, it should be inspire all the people back because -- in South Africa because we have such a rivalry against them.

Q. Who is your coach now?

WAYNE FERREIRA: It is still has been Chris Johnson that I have had for the full year.

Q. What about today's match, last year you beat him in the same round. After you won the first set, what was going through your mind?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, I mean, I played -- I think I played just as well. I hit the ball just as well throughout the whole match. I think the only problem that I had was all the -- of the whole second set, first two service games of the second, I was having to win my serves on the second serve; win the game on the second serve, and you -- I did it for so long, but after a while, it gets very hard against somebody like Boris who is putting a lot of pressure. I think the only problem that I had was the serve.

Q. Next year, are you going to play a lot of European clay court tournaments again?

WAYNE FERREIRA: My schedule as such is I am going to play one less than I did this year, which is still quite a few, yeah.

Q. You seem to like the clay?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I don't at all. I don't at all. But it is a surface that is very beneficial to my game. It makes me learn a lot. I don't particularly like it as much as the other ones, but I find it necessary for the building of my game, for the movement, for fitness, for all kind of things, I find it very beneficial.

Q. You say you set yourself a goal for 95?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, obviously I think the Australian Open is going to be important for me to try and do the best I can to make the top 10. I think I have a good opportunity and chance to do that if I can start the year off well. I think for the whole year obviously I was in the running for the Master this year and came a little short. I think I left it a little bit too late. I'd like to start the year off well next year and maybe give myself the chance of making it from the beginning of the year and not have to try and push it as much as I did towards the end.

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