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August 27, 1998

Anke Huber


Q. You were pretty strong in that second set, but you couldn't quite turn it around?

ANKE HUBER: I played a little bit better in the second set, but I wasn't really happy with the way I was playing. I always have problems when I play against her to get into the match because she plays very deep, very long, so it is very hard -- you don't get the rhythm. It is very hard to get into it. But I could have played better anyway.

Q. What did you not do that you wanted to do?

ANKE HUBER: Well, what I wanted to do I wanted to play aggressive and not to miss that much. I missed a lot of forehands, especially returns, easy ones, and just I didn't go for my shots when I should have. I think when I had the few chances - there were not too many - but when I had them then I should have gone a little bit more for the winner or just aggressive and I think I didn't do it.

Q. You have been off for a long time. You have tested yourself now against the hottest player on the Tour. How do you think you measure up?

ANKE HUBER: Well, it is hard to say. I think I didn't serve well. I didn't play as good as I could, but I think she also didn't play her best, so it is hard to say. But I think I can play with the top players. If I play well, I can beat them, but I have to play much better than I played today.

Q. Do you think -- do you feel good physically coming back from your injury?

ANKE HUBER: Physically I feel fine. Everything is okay, and I had a tough match yesterday, so I feel okay. I just wasn't happy with the way I was playing.

Q. Can I ask you about your shitty draw your US Open?

ANKE HUBER: My what? My shitty draw? You can say it louder. Well, I think it could have been better, say it that way. But you have to take it the way it is and it happens.

Q. Do you feel Majoli is there for beating at the moment? She has been struggling a bit.

ANKE HUBER: Sure, I played her a lot of times. Also won a lot of times against her. I beat her quite many times, but it is always tough against her. It was always three sets, very close matches, so, but she is beatable that is for sure. But it is not going to be easy.

Q. Did you just have trouble with your serve the whole match? You didn't seem to get any kind of rhythm going with your first serve?

ANKE HUBER: Not only my serve, yeah, I had troubles with my serve, definitely. But it is hard, you have to serve well against her and she is returning very good, so, if you don't serve well you can look around, also if it is in, so, some way you have to take the risk and -- so -- but I still -- I just should have maybe played a little more first serves.

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