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November 19, 1999

Anke Huber


Q. Do you want to tell us about it?

ANKE HUBER: About what?

Q. About your game?

ANKE HUBER: About my game? Well, it's just hard. I always have lot of pressure when I'm serving. She serves really, really well and she just served better than I did. You have to put pressure with the first ball on her, and I couldn't do it; I missed a lot with that. It was just very hard. It's very fast surface, and you have to really play well and I just missed too many balls.

Q. You had her at Love-40 in the second set and then after that --?

ANKE HUBER: She made five first serves where I didn't touch three, I think. I just had no chance in this game. I really played well until Love-40, and I didn't have a chance any more, and I was really getting frustrating because the other girl is playing surface as well as she does, and you're not used to it that you get five service winners in a row. So it's kind of frustrating when you're on the court, and then you lose your serve afterwards. It's really difficult to believe in it, that you can make it still. So that's what happened today.

Q. In the first set you were able to break her?

ANKE HUBER: Once, yes. I just didn't serve very well in the first set. I had not a lot of first serves and I was two breaks down very quick, and I got back one break, but it's a hard to break her twice in a row in a set, to hold yourself also. It's very tough because she returns, also, very good. You just have to be there all the time on your own serve; you can't get two breaks in a row, and if you're down 4-1, it's very hard to get into the set.

Q. Did you feel you were serving well coming into this game or did it take you by surprise?

ANKE HUBER: Well, I served very well the first match and I didn't start very good today, and I just started to get the first serves in, and then, you know, I couldn't put too much pressure on her with that, so she got every serve back. No, I felt good when I came into the match and I also felt good from the baseline. It's just tough because she goes for every shot, every single shot, and you don't really find the rhythm.

Q. Would you say that 1999 has been a good year for you?

ANKE HUBER: The second part, definitely. I think I played the second half of the year much better again. I wasn't injured which was nice, too. I'm happy with the second half of the year, yes.

Q. What do you have planned now?

ANKE HUBER: Holidays, and after that I'm going to practice and I start in Sydney again.

Q. Where are you going away to?


Q. With Barbara Schett?

ANKE HUBER: Maybe we're going to meet. She's on the other island.

Q. Is it true that Andre Medvedev is your husband?

ANKE HUBER: We are definitely not married, no. Definitely not. I would know about it. (Laughter).

Q. Now that Steffi has retired, does that put a lot of extra pressure on you?

ANKE HUBER: I don't think so, no. For me, it's not extra pressure. Maybe the press thinks so, but I don't. It's a pity that she is not there anymore; she was such a great player. She is missing in tennis, but I guess we have to live with it, but for me, it's not more pressure, no.

Q. After seeing the way Lindsay played tonight, do you think she's going to win the tournament?

ANKE HUBER: She's definitely has a good chance. She served maybe 80% first serves and she puts extra pressure on the return. Somebody has to play really well to beat her, I think, yes.

Q. Is it frustrating always being the No. 2 player to Steffi?

ANKE HUBER: I'm not thinking about it. Steffi was always there; she will always will be there. She was such a great player. She will always be in front of everybody else. I don't think about No. 1 player and No. 2 player in Germany. It's not really important to me. It's about the Tour and what I'm doing there. I'm not thinking about this.

Q. Any goals for next year?

ANKE HUBER: Definitely Olympics. This is, for sure, goal for me, and I want to play and I want to play good there, but I think it has nothing to do with I'm No. 1 and No. 2 German player.

Q. Do you consider yourself a veteran or you do you think you'll play longer?

ANKE HUBER: If you look at the Tour right now, I'm definitely one of the older players. I'm quite a while around, like you said. I'm a veteran, would I say on the Tour, at 24, definitely.

Q. Is that an engagement ring?

ANKE HUBER: No, friendship.

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