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October 29, 2004

Angel Cabrera


ANGEL CABRERA: It was a good day. I had a good round, especially I hit it very well on the first nine, but after the 11th, I didn't hit it as well. I bogeyed the 14th and 16th, but then made par on the 17th which was like making a birdie today. I finished with a birdie at the 18th to finish a good round.

Q. Are you feeling better?


Q. What was the matter? You weren't at the function last night and they said you weren't feeling well.

ANGEL CABRERA: I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. It was like a bit of a flu symptom, but I took some medicines and I feel okay today.

Q. Will it be a way of finishing the season off? Have you been disappointed with your season? Have you been happy with your season?

ANGEL CABRERA: I am very happy with the season overall. I've only played 15 tournaments and I am ninth on the Volvo Order of Merit and 28th in the World Ranking. I think it's been a very good season and I hope to end it up in a better way even.

Q. Is it two years ago you had a good lead here?


Q. So you know the good side of the course and you know the tough side?

ANGEL CABRERA: This golf course has 18 holes that could be a problem. It's a golf course where you have to hit it very well off the tee in order to have a chance to attack the green.

Q. Do you like it?


Q. Lots of people don't.

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, I know the course quite well and I like it. It's a golf course that I think I know quite well. I've played it something like seven times.

Q. Has your putting been better than your driving this year? We know you for your driving, but you're leading in putting.

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, at the beginning of the year, I changed my putter and now I am using a 39-inch putter. That I think has helped a lot for my putting, and it has improved. I don't know if it's the putter or it's myself, but now I have more confidence in myself and I think I have improvement. That has helped to get lower scores.

Q. Have you used it as a belly putter?

ANGEL CABRERA: Just normal.

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