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May 28, 2005

Angel Cabrera


RODDY WILLIAMS: Angel, very well played, a lovely round of 66, fantastic back nine in particular. Can you tell us, how good was that round out there today?

ANGEL CABRERA: I played the back nine spectacular, and I was hitting it pretty solid on the back nine, and also was putting very good on the back. I was putting very well.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How difficult were the conditions out there today?

ANGEL CABRERA: The conditions of the greens, they are really hard because of the wind, and to play well in this type of conditions is always good.

RODDY WILLIAMS: And you've done well in this championship before. Can we have your thoughts on going into tomorrow currently with a two shot lead?

ANGEL CABRERA: Tomorrow is going to be tough and I need to be concentrated and try to work my game tomorrow.

Q. David Howell has been having a terrific three weeks, lost in the playoff in the last two weeks; do you think he will be a very tough competitor for you tomorrow?

ANGEL CABRERA: First of all, it's going to be the course. That's going to be the main tough competitor. And of course, after that, the players.

Q. What club did you hit on the first tee and were you trying to knock it down the bottom of the hill?


Q. Off the tee did you hit driver?


Q. Were you trying to get it down to the bottom of the hill?

ANGEL CABRERA: No, no. It went too far.

Q. It was on the fairway or not?


Q. Did you always think this was a good course for you, since you came here first of all?

ANGEL CABRERA: I like this course very much. I like the design especially. I like very much playing here.

Q. Is that because you need to be a good shot maker and you need to play all of the clubs in the bag?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, pretty much. You need to hit very, very solid all the clubs.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Angel, could we get your details of your birdies.

ANGEL CABRERA: 5, 5 iron to seven feet.

10, I hit it over the green, 8 iron.

11, 3 wood, wedge from nine feet.

12, driver, 3 iron, just past the green and chip in from 30 feet.

17, 2 iron approach and putt from three feet.

18, 2 iron, 2 iron, bunker short and made a putt from 20 feet.

Q. How has your year been so far? Have you been happy with your season so far?

ANGEL CABRERA: So far, so good. This is my fourth tournament here in Europe only and it has been a good year so far, because I've been playing in America for the first part of season.

Q. How was that?


RODDY WILLIAMS: You had a good week last week, as well. Does that give you a bit of confidence coming into this week?

ANGEL CABRERA: I hit it very well last week, even though the course was not a course that was suitable for my game. So finishing well over there gave me a lot of confidence.

Q. Are you going to try and play in America a lot more?

ANGEL CABRERA: No, just the big tournaments.

Q. Because?

ANGEL CABRERA: I like playing in Europe. I feel comfortable here.

Q. More friends, traveling together?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, people are friendlier, and I have friends over here and I like it. I like Europe.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Angel, thank you very much. Well played. Good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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