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May 29, 2005

Angel Cabrera


SCOTT CROCKETT: Angel, many congratulations. The BMW Championship winner, that must sound very nice to you. Could you tell us how you feel?

ANGEL CABRERA: Thank you very much. It's really the very best moment of my life winning the second best tournament in Europe after the British Open.

SCOTT CROCKETT: And did you feel comfortable all day? You felt comfortable with your game and the position you were in in the tournament?

ANGEL CABRERA: I played great golf these last two rounds. I played very solidly and keep concentrating and I was able to manage the pressure.

Q. Before the advent of technology or the real advances in golf course design, how much power did you actually have, say, as a junior? Over the last three or four years, how much power did you have before the technology was where it's at today?

ANGEL CABRERA: I believe I gained some more power with advanced technology. But this technology I believe is making other players play longer, not me, because I was already a powerful man.

Q. Is this all the more sweet after having finished runner up in 2001 and last year, to be so close in those two years, now to win it?

ANGEL CABRERA: I was two times very close, and fortunately, this time when I had my chance I was able to take it.

Q. What's the secret of your success this afternoon; apart from playing better, why did you play so well or how did you play so well?

ANGEL CABRERA: Well, I was already playing well, I played very well last week, and I knew that in order to have my chance to win here, I need to keep concentration all the time. I was able to do that.

Q. Why is it, Angel, that you play so well on this course; this course, it suits you?

ANGEL CABRERA: I don't know. This course, it's a golf course that I like very much, and I think that I play well here. I cannot really tell you if there is a specific reason.

Q. Concentration, you're saying you kept your concentration, but do you sometimes struggle with that part of the game, and if so, why? What happens to you?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, because I tend to get pissed too much, pissed off, you know, (laughter), angry. Okay, that's the right thing. So that makes me lose my concentration.

Q. Did that happen in 2001 and last year?

ANGEL CABRERA: No. Because I played very well those years. They played better, the ones that one.

Q. This is an enormous amount of money, so do you hope now to help young players in Argentina just like Eduardo helped you?

ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, we have a new venture that is working on that, in order to help a new venture, in order to help Argentina players to move along and play the main tours.

Q. What sort of family did you come from, brothers and sisters is, and what did your father do?

ANGEL CABRERA: Neither of my family is related to golf.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Can we just go through your details, Angel. You birdied the second. 3, 8 iron, past the green.

The eagle, 2 iron, 8 iron second shot and made the putt from 12 feet.

11, that one was driver, lob wedge and putt from five feet.

12, driver, 7 iron, 2 putt from 35 feet, 16, 3 iron, wedge, one putt from 15 feet.

Many congratulations.

End of FastScripts.

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