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August 9, 1996

Wayne Ferreira


Q. When you are staying in it the way you are and hitting winners are you thinking, okay, if I just get this, do you break it down and just say one point, that is it, I just want to get this now and get it over with?

WAYNE FERREIRA: One groundstroke that I maybe shouldn't have missed, but besides that, I think it was a very good tiebreaker, both played well, good points could have gone either way. He a lot of matchpoints on his serve and I played good points and I just-- I was just going to go for it. There is no point in being negative. Actually I felt like maybe he should have won earlier in the match, he a lot of chances and I felt well, I am still here, I might as well go out and give it a good shot. I mean, I just try to be positive.

Q. The fact of two tiebreakers yesterday and the rain delay and knowing that he had only played (inaudible)?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I was feeling fine. I could have played a third set easily. So I don't think it was a factor, no.

Q. Some people had an argument about why he shouldn't be No. 1. He had a pretty good hard court season this year after Lipton. He is doing well here. Do you think people underestimate his ability on the circuit?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Definitely. I mean, if people say he is a clay court specialist - he is a clay court specialist. I mean, he wins everything that he plays on the clay. But that doesn't mean that he can't do well on the hard court. Obviously he doesn't win as much and there are a lot more guys that can beat him on the hard that wouldn't beat him on the clay. But I think he is a tough guy. He is a tough competitor. He is not going to let you win. You are going to have to beat him and you are going to have to play well to beat him and I mean, he -- whenever you go out and play against him you know you are going to have a tough day and you know you are going to have to work hard.

Q. Is he the kind of guy that waits for you to make a mistake?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Not at all. He is aggressive. He goes for a lot off the ground strokes. He is serving a lot better, I think than the last times I have played him. He is aggressive. He is not just pushing the ball back in and running it down and waiting for you to miss. He is going for a lot.

Q. Did you change your strategy at all in the tiebreaker? You kept getting so close.

WAYNE FERREIRA: I tried actually for a while just in the tiebreaker just to keep it going and try and run down a lot of balls; keep a lot going; keep it deep and hoping he would miss, which he did quite often.

Q. Were you one of the players that thought it was pretty legitimate when he was No. 1?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I mean, I feel that he is great. I mean, he is not that good on the grass and indoors, he struggles and hard courts he is good. Clay he is very dominant and he won a lot. I think anybody who wins a Grand Slam; wins as many -- I mean, what, 12 tournaments he won, I mean, why do you not deserve to be No. 1? If you win that much; you beat everybody that often, you deserve it, I think.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Wayne?

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