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April 23, 2000

Dominik Hrbaty

Q. What was the key of the match today?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Tough to say, maybe, there were just key shots, if I would make these few shots it will be a different match. Maybe it will be different story. Like it would be 6-4, 7-6, 7-6 for me, but depends really this match only on a few shots always in the end of the set or in the tiebreakers he was a little bit lucky and he played good shots. And he took it. That was the difference between us.

Q. The conditions were not the same from at the beginning to the end. Do you think it was an advantage for you or not?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Well, I don't know. We had the same conditions, so I think it was for both of us the same and -- but for me it was a little bit colder than I like. I wear two shirts because after the first set still I had cold hands so I put another shirt on me. It was a little bit colder than I like to play in.

Q. Do you think he was tired by the end?


Q. No, Cedric.

DOMINIK HRBATY: I don't know. But I would like to play another two sets. (laughs).

Q. You are in good condition, good physical shape, so by the end of the third you were still as fresh as you were at the beginning of the match?

DOMINIK HRBATY: I was just warming up. (Laughs) Actually if I see the match, if I see it back, I was playing better and better and better. I was going up, up, up so I think maybe two more sets and I would be in the match.

Q. Did you feel nervous at some stage of the match?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Yeah, in the beginning I was a little bit nervous, but then after I was okay. Also it was cold, I was cold, and Cedric also was nervous and I was nervous because he was serving so many times, but I was not nervous of him. I feel also like first time finals, big tournament, so you feel it, but it wasn't that bad, so I get into the match and I think the last two sets was pretty okay. I think he it was more nervous than me and he still played like two finals of the Grand Slams, I don't know, and I couldn't believe I was smiling after that when I realized that he is more nervous than me, actually, so you can see sometimes -- I mean, also kind of like when he is nervous, Kucera, he starts throwing the ball all over. (Laughs).

Q. Do you think that the most important game of the match came at 5-All in the third set or when he was serving and this game lasted something like 20 minutes three, four breakpoints and five game points or something --

DOMINIK HRBATY: I don't know if it was the most important game. It was a long time, a tough game. It can be different game after that. If I would win this point it can be totally different game on the court. It could change, but I had a few shots also in the tiebreaker and it is tough to say it was most important, but the game was very important and there was I think only one of the three or four breakpoints that I have -- that I could make it better, but he played well and he was, I mean, that is the thing of the big player if you make the aces on the important points.

Q. Overall, will you keep a good souvenir of this tournament?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Yeah, I like the trophies. I always keep the trophies, so I like to keep it on -- I have a small gym in the house and I just put them in the wall and keep them.

Q. Would you go back to Slovakia by car with your friends?

DOMINIK HRBATY: No, I have to go to Barcelona, so I would go, but there is another tournament.

Q. No room for you?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Yeah - (laughs) - I would have to run behind the car.

Q. Do you have another story for us about a prime minister?

DOMINIK HRBATY: Actually my physical coach he was here, he was running, it was like 13 kilometers run last weekend and he came after the prime minister so maybe I will take the prime minister as a physical coach.

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