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August 17, 1996

Wayne Ferreira

New Haven, CT.

Q. Early in the third set you had Jan Love-40 on his serve. You couldn't win that game. Did you feel that was going to come back and haunt you?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No. I mean, I had chances. I felt if I had won I could get on later on. 3-All was a very good chance. I should have -- I played well in the game. He played pretty good. He came up with some good points. It's unfortunate.

Q. You played so well. You actually hit the net on 3-3 way at the end when you got the last advantage. It kicked over the net when you hit it, he hit it and it literally rolled over?

WAYNE FERREIRA: It's disappointing. I was up 40-Love. I played good points. He played some good points. He got very lucky at times. That's the way it goes in tennis. At 3-All I had 4-3. Don't feel I played that bad of a game. You know, it's just the way it goes sometimes.

Q. What was the difference today?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Could have won, could have lost. Nothing really.

Q. In the first set he seemed to be more aggressive. Second set you came back and won.

WAYNE FERREIRA: I don't think I played very good tennis in the first set at all. I think I played pretty well in the second and third, not fantastic, but the first set was pretty poor.

Q. Does he match up well against you on hardcourts? Because you played two other times before this on hardcourts and he had won. If you look at the rankings, it doesn't seem to make much sense.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Doesn't make sense to me either.

Q. How do you explain it?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Sometimes, you know, some people you have difficulty playing against. He's a difficult guy to play for me.

Q. What is it about him that makes it difficult?

WAYNE FERREIRA: Just never seem to play very well against him. Hard to say. Every time I've played against him, I've never really played the kind of tennis that I'd like to. It's hard to say. Maybe him being a lefty, but I've played lefties other times, never had any problem. It's difficult. A tough one to answer.

Q. Wayne, until late in the third set, a very, very quiet, subdued crowd. Did you sense that at all?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, didn't really tell much from the crowd the whole match. Obviously toward the end it was getting a little exciting because it was close, but it didn't really make too much of a factor at all.

Q. When you weren't serving very well in the match (inaudible).

WAYNE FERREIRA: I mean, sure. I mean, I could have got a lot more first serves in, which I didn't. But it was a close match. It could have gone either way. I don't think there was really anybody there. He broke me a couple times. I do tend to lose my serve whenever I play. Occasionally I throw in bad games, which I did. Those are the kind of things that I've got to not do, especially against someone like him that serves so well, so difficult to break, it's very hard to fight back when you lose your serve.

Q. Does it surprise you with someone like Jan coming here, having a losing record, is now in the finals?

WAYNE FERREIRA: He's the type of guy that does that. He has ten bad weeks and one good one. That's what makes him difficult sometimes is you've got to -- if you catch him on one of his good weeks, he's difficult to beat. If you play him on the other ten, he's pretty easy to beat. That's the way he is, the type of game he plays. This week has been a good week for him. He's got a lot of confidence, beat a lot of good guys, he's done well. Who knows what he'll do next week.

Q. (Inaudible) eighth game of the third set, you would have been up 40-15.

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I don't really remember that too much.

Q. Did you feel your backhand wasn't working so well today?

WAYNE FERREIRA: You could say that, yes.

Q. You seem to be playing with a lot more intensity this year than the past couple of years. Looks like you're a little more into it, a little more motivated.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Well, I mean, I feel like I have good chances to do well in every tournament every week. Grand Slams are important for me and I'm trying to, you know, make that part of my game because I feel I have a good shot at winning the Open. That's one factor of my game which lets me down, is I go two matches where I get a little bit lazy, not motivated. I need to be more intense to do well. It's been helping a lot. It's always tough to do it every match, but that's one big aspect of my game I'm trying to work on.

Q. That long third set game when you had seven breakpoint chances and didn't get it, the next game you had a little bit of a letdown emotionally.

WAYNE FERREIRA: Yeah, I mean it's difficult after playing a long game like that, having a lot of chances. Always a tough one to come out the next game. I served with new balls, that's sometimes difficult, too. Yeah, maybe, but I don't really think it was so much the game before that really made me play that game the way I did. I just think that he played some good points and I just played maybe a little bit loose. You know, it was obviously disappointing, but I tried to not let it bother me too much.

Q. Do you read anything into your service game where he gave you such a problem, six deuces? Do you just put that out of your mind?


Q. Figure it might be a tough day?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I knew it was going to be a tough day before I had that service game. He's a tough guy to play when he's playing well. He has done so this week. Won all his matches in straight sets. He's been playing well.

Q. (Inaudible)?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I mean, he's kind of, in tennis, the way tennis has been these days, a bit of a dying breed, a server and volleyer. You don't get too many people like that anymore. Puts a lot of pressure on you, comes in all the time. Those guys are tough to play because they're always coming at you, you have to be aggressive, pass well. You have to be very tough on your serves. He's tough to play. Those guys are always hard to play against, especially because he's left-handed and you don't get to play that type of tennis that much.

Q. Frustration you were expressing out there from time to time, do you think part of that is knowing he's always been a tough opponent for you, something about him that's especially challenging for you?

WAYNE FERREIRA: I was frustrated obviously because I wasn't playing as well as I'd like to. Secondly, he was coming up with a few interesting shots now and again, which is always frustrating.

Q. (Inaudible). Will you still leave with a good feeling about this week?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, I'm disappointed. I really felt I should have won today, not really just won today, I should have won the tournament. I got to the semis, but I'm a little disappointed.

Q. You kind of feel it's your tournament to lose?

WAYNE FERREIRA: No, no. I just felt that I should have just won the tournament the way that I was playing and with all the people that were left, if there were other seeds left, it wouldn't have matter. I don't think it puts much pressure. I just felt I should have won this week.

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