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December 10, 1992

Michael Chang


Q. What happened out there, tonight, Michael?

MICHAEL CHANG: I won 6-3, 6-4. I think overall, I just tried to play a consistent match and I think when Petr is -- he plays very much a go-for-it type of game. He is going to have games where he is going to make quite a few and games missing a little bit and games kind of in between. I think that was quite evident today. I think he made a few more unforced errors at the wrong time that helped me out. I was able to break back in the second set. He hit like two or three games where he just played some great tennis. I think that is probably what makes him a dangerous player. You kind of don't know what to expect from him. Sometimes if he doesn't start off that great, that doesn't necessarily mean that he will play like that for the rest of the match. I think that this year has kind of shown it. This year has been his best year so far up to date, and he has had quite a few top ten wins, and very much a difficult player to play when he is hitting the ball well.

Q. How would you explain your consistency during this tournament? Do you think you have got the best preparation of all the players or have you got a lot of energy left towards the end of the season?

MICHAEL CHANG: I don't think a whole lot of players have a whole lot of energy toward the end of the year. I think it is pretty natural. You know, I have only played -- this tournament has only been here for three years. I have happened to do well within those three years, but I think that really here anything can happen. I think I have had actually three very, very tough draws. I was fortunate enough to come through, so I have come here a few days early, but I think that a few other players have come here early as well. For me, I need to adjust a little bit more than the average player, than say someone maybe like Goran, because my game is more of a baseline type of style. Goran, serving and volleying, the ball doesn't really bounce, so he doesn't really have to get used to the court, the court's speed really, all too much. Other than that, what else can I say? I mean, I have enjoyed playing here. I think for me it is the last tournament of the year, and I might as well give it your all.

Q. Michael, every year players get lots of gifts and stuff here. What have you got for this year?

MICHAEL CHANG: As far as like for all the players?

Q. Yeah. Is there something the night before the tournament, Santa Claus and all that stuff?

MICHAEL CHANG: I believe that they had eight prizes to give out. I think Goran -- if he didn't get one -- if you didn't get one of the eight prizes, you got a chocolate ball. Goran got a nice set of golf clubs. Guy Forget got a nice, like dinner for two at a Bavarian restaurant, very traditional Bavarian. I guess they gave him, you know, those like pants that have those--

Q. Suspenders?

MICHAEL CHANG: Suspenders. They do the dance and what have you. Emilio Sanchez won a trip for, I think, for two and he had to pick an envelope where he was going to go. He happened to pick Barcelona, Spain, which wasn't too good. He picked it again, he got Honolulu, Hawaii. A few other prizes. Krajicek got champagne. Who else? Amos Mansdorf got a Compaq computer. I think I might be missing one more. I forget the last one. Everyone else got chocolate balls, including me.

Q. The chocolate ball a big deal?

MICHAEL CHANG: It is not as nice as a Compaq computer.

Q. How big is the chocolate ball?

MICHAEL CHANG: About like that. Nothing to brag about.

Q. Thank you.

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