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September 3, 1999

Mark Woodforde


USTA: Questions for Mark.

Q. How frustrating was that with the opportunities you had?

MARK WOODFORDE: Just very frustrating and very disappointed that I end up losing that. I was up a break in each set, just couldn't like breakaway from him. I didn't play that smart in the service games when I got up a service break. Even then, in the tiebreakers, I mean, you know, I've never had this happen before where I've been hit beyond the baseline. I mean, can't get any bloody luckier than that for him. I was pretty pissed off at that stage.

Q. Actually hit you on the feet?

MARK WOODFORDE: Yeah, right on the bottom. I mean, it was like probably some of it was hitting the ground, as well, but it definitely was hitting my foot. It just was catching the edge of my foot. I mean, I couldn't believe it.

Q. At what point was that on?

MARK WOODFORDE: That was at 4-3 to me in the third set tiebreaker. Would have made it 5-3.

Q. Which was two points after the overrule, you end up losing that point, too?

MARK WOODFORDE: After the ace, yeah. You know, even then I was just trying to keep -- I mean, yeah, once I got sort of hit, I was sort of reeling for the rest of the tiebreaker, that this should have been over and done with. I sort of let the ace sort of slide by because that happens. I mean, couldn't do anything about it once the call was made. Just getting tagged behind the baseline sort of made my mind wander a bit.

Q. How much was riding on that from a Davis Cup perspective, given the way everything is going? Do you see yourself in the singles running?

MARK WOODFORDE: I'd rather not. You know, I think with maybe the question mark over some of the guys, you know, it would be unfair not to throw my hat in. I mean, when you're a part of the team, you've got to be prepared to play singles and doubles. I'd never turn around to Newc and Rochey and say, "You can't play me in singles." I wasn't really thinking about holding a singles position down on the outcome of that match. I mean, never entered my mind. I'd rather not see me play singles, but if Pat and Mark and Lleyton can't play, then there's not too many other choices. Might give it a go.

Q. That's wouldn't be the worst match with a kid like Safin who is almost the opposite of you, a lot of hit, not that much thinking involved.

MARK WOODFORDE: And I've beaten him before, as well, on a hard court surface. It was last year. It's questionable how he would approach playing on grass, whereas having the experience on grass just going in all the time, whether he would continue to do that, whether he'd have the mind to do that or mix up and stay back. I think whoever probably plays him, you know, just has to have one thought in mind, and that's just to get into net and not give it away. If he can come up with great returns and great passes, then so be it. I don't see it happening. Whoever plays him I think is probably favored at this stage, unless it's Lleyton and they're battling from the baseline.

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