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September 2, 1993

Michael Chang


Q. Did you ever get to match point before with a footfault?

MICHAEL CHANG: I don't recall. I played against people who have footfaulted against me a few times, like Stefan, but maybe not in a, you know, prior to match point, no.

Q. Looked very fit out there. The cold weather getting kind of late at night. With all the upsets going on you got to like your chances going into the next round.

MICHAEL CHANG: Well, kind of it is kind of deceiving that you would think that because of a lot of the seeds are gone that the draw is a lot easier. That is really not the case. I think that just looking at a lot of the matches this week, you know, a lot of guys are playing very, very well and you know, I don't think you can really take anybody for granted,. Nobody is really going to be an easy match regardless of ranking or you know, what have you, so I think all matches are definitely going to be tough. Yeah, pretty much regardless if they are seeded or not.

Q. Do you start thinking about that after you lost the third set?

MICHAEL CHANG: Well, I know basically from previous tournaments and previous U.S. Opens, the Grand Slams are where the players really try to come out and play their best tennis and you know, really each day that you come out, you have to expect the other guy to be able to -- that they are going to play their best tennis and that really should be the mentality going into each round, because you no longer are you going to play yourself into a tournament like the U.S. Open. You got to be up and ready to go by the first ball.

Q. Do you consider your first two rounds kind of easy rounds for you and how does that prepare you?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think they have -- no, I think they have been good rounds for me. I got to hit a lot of balls. I got to get used to the courts a little bit here, so the balls are a little bit heavier than when I played in last week, so I think overall the first two rounds have been pretty good for me.

Q. Have you been consciously trying to come to the net more often?

MICHAEL CHANG: More or less. You know, Carl has been helping me to work on my serve and my volleys a little bit, and if you are going to work on volleys you might as well incorporate it into your game, at the right time, at the right place and for me, I think it is giving me a little bit more confidence to come to the net more; not have to feel so uncomfortable up there. I think it could help me to become a better all court player and help me a lot on the quicker surfaces, especially guys that are always coming and attacking me.

Q. Did you watch any of Becker and Edberg today?

MICHAEL CHANG: None of Edberg. A little bit of Becker. He played before I did, so --

Q. What did you think?

MICHAEL CHANG: I was actually very surprised that Stefan lost. Karel must be playing very good tennis. He is more or less known for the claycourt tennis that he has produced over the past few years. All his titles, that I remember, have come on the clay and that is a bit of a surprise. You know, Boris, I think, had a very difficult match today. I think he was a little bit-- maybe a little bit uncomfortable out there, but I kind of didn't know why, when I got out there on the court, the wind was a little bit swirling around and it was a little bit more difficult to pick up the balls. Sometimes they would come a little faster; sometimes they would kind of slow down a little bit. You know, but I am sure that this match would be very, very good for Boris. Normally when he has a tough match in the early going, he gets tougher and tougher as he progress through the draw.

Q. How do you assess your serve now as compared to last year around this time?

MICHAEL CHANG: I like to think that it has gotten better. You know, it is still something that needs to be improved on. The consistency and the placement and the power, still needs to get better.

Q. Better in what way?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think percentage-wise; that to me, is very, very important. If I am only able to hit one serve out of 10 that goes in, at 110 miles per hour it really does me no God. I would be more content hitting a serve that is 105 miles per hour and getting it in, maybe 7 out of ten times.

Q. Do you prefer day sessions or evening sessions? Does the light affect you at all?

MICHAEL CHANG: I have no preference. Whatever they give me.

Q. Thank you.

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