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March 15, 1994

Michael Chang


Q. Michael, in the second set, there was a point that you disputed or it looked like you were disputing that; actually went in your favor. When you were talking to the chair you were -- were you saying that, that actually the serve had been in or --

MICHAEL CHANG: Talking about the last game?

Q. No, it was in the second set. It was -- you don't recall that one?

MICHAEL CHANG: That was on set point for me, right.

Q. No, it was like at 5-5 and if Rafter had the point it would have gone 6-5 in the second set.

MICHAEL CHANG: No, they posted the score wrong on that one. That was actually my set point. They posted the score wrong on the corner there, so I was -- that point actually went against me. At that point it was 5-5 and had a second serve, it was actually my set point if I recall correctly, and Patrick hit a serve down the middle and the gentleman, calling the center service line, called it out, and the umpire overruled him and therefore, because he overruled it, I guess I didn't have a play on it so they ruled it as an ace and went back to deuce. So that point actually went against me. I thought that that was a little bit unprofessional on his part. Reason being, is that when a situation is that tight and that close and the call is that close, you normally have faith in your linespeople if you are the chair umpire making the correct call and normally a chair umpire is not going to overrule in that kind of situation if the ball is that close. So I was a little bit frustrated with him; a little bit frustrated actually on the last game as well on that one point because I had Love-30 on his serve and then he said it was too close to call, a little bit of frustration, but I think all in all, throughout your career, you are going to have a few calls that go against you and a few calls that go for you. By the end of your career you look back and they will even out.

Q. Michael, can you comment on Patrick's game; what your thoughts are, how you saw him play, etc.?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think Patrick played some good tennis today, definitely. He served very well and he covered the net very well today. I think that I wasn't quite able to put as much pressure on him as I would have liked. I had a few opportunities on second serves, wasn't able to capitalize. I don't think I pushed him as hard from the backcourt than I would have liked to have. So all in all, I think he played a pretty good match.

Q. Can you see a lot of potential in him?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think there is a lot of potential for a lot of guys out there. Really depends on whether they can put it altogether for a season. Obviously Patrick has been playing some good tennis for the last year or so. He is heading in that direction. I think there are a lot of guys out on the tour nowadays that have what they label as potential for getting into the top 10 and staying there. I think that players normally can earn that kind of respect when they are able to get to the top 10 and not just stay there for one year, but stay there for at least a couple of years, a few years. That shows that-- the following year is normally the year that they have to deal with a little bit more pressure, a little bit more -- players will be gunning for them, and so normally time will tell.

Q. How are you feeling now with -- are you -- as far as energywise and enthusiasm for the game?

MICHAEL CHANG: My enthusiasm for the game is always very good. If I am on the road for you know, a long time, then I get a little bit tired. But I think that is just more physically and mentally being fatigued. I feel weak. I am a little bit disappointed with the way the match went. I still feel I can play better tennis than that. I am sure there will be times throughout the year or in the future I will get a chance to play Patrick and I hope that I will be able to come out and play my best tennis and he will be able to play his best tennis. I think when you have contrast in styles like this, it makes for fun matches. All in all, it has been -- last two weeks have been good learning weeks for me. Coming off the win in Philadelphia, I think I have slacked off just a tad and I think that it is a good lesson for me. Although, you come off a win in a tournament like Philadelphia, you have to keep the level of play -- the standard of play and practice very high in order to be able to compete with the players day in and day out. Because guys like Patrick and a lot of the other players are looking for any opportunity they can get to breakthrough in a lot of these tournaments and you know, to pull an upset or two. I'd say the last two tournaments were good lessons for me. I have got a little bit of time to think about things and little bit of time to start getting back in the hard-work ethic and bounce back and get ready for the next tournament.

Q. Last few months we've seen quite a few top 10 guys are out. Do you think that is because the depth of the top 100 is stronger than ever or pressure is on the top 10 guys?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think it is a combination of things. I think it is a combination that men's tennis -- the depth is much greater now, but I think also it is tough to expect top 10 players to come out day in day out and expect to play their best tennis. Obviously, they are going to have tournaments where they are playing their best tennis and tournaments where they are not playing so good. You have got a lot of guys in the top 10 who some guys are just hovering outside that you would consider a top 10 player. I think when you take those factors into consideration, there is always going to be a few that have good weeks and always a few that are going to have not so good weeks.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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