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August 30, 1995

Michael Chang


Q. How come you lost a game?

MICHAEL CHANG: If I can do that every match, heck, I'd take that question everyday.

Q. Does a match like that serve you in good stead at all; do you need more than that, or...

MICHAEL CHANG: I think it is difficult to say. I mean, obviously, it is a great way to start off a tournament, but normally speaking, they always say that you need one tough match getting to the latter stages of the tournament that will really make the tournament tough. Obviously, if you are able to go out and, you know, and win like today every match, then it is a different case. Definitely for me, I want to stay sharp. I don't want to start thinking well, just start thinking things will come easy and stuff like that. Because I think that is where things get very dangerous, and you need to be sharp and ready to go. That is the way I want to be for every match.

Q. Does the score indicate how well you played or was your opponent playing badly?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think today was a good match for me. I think I played some good tennis today. I think under the conditions, it was a difficult match for Gianluca. Gianluca is a very -- is the type of player, plays a lot like McEnroe; a lot of feel on the court; a lot of touching; doesn't give himself a whole lot of room for margin of error. I should say I think on a day like this where the wind is blowing a little bit, it can make things a little bit difficult for him. So I think it was a combination.

Q. With all the attention paid to Andre and Pete, is there some sense that with all that attention going this way, that you can concentrate basically on what you are doing and like maybe later on you will be able to, you know, almost not sneak up on anybody, sure, let all the attention go that way, but when the time comes might be able --

MICHAEL CHANG: I am not here so much for the attention or anything like that, as far as prior to the tournament or during the tournament. I am just going about my business and for me, you know, I am just looking at whoever is next to my name on the draw and that is -- really kind of taking things day by day. As far as the attention for Andre and Pete, I think it is great for tennis. That people are getting excited about tennis, to see this kind of rivalry, I think it has been missing a rivalry for quite some years and like this and hopefully a few of us guys will break it up and make it a bigger rivalry. But I think that the attention for Andre and Pete, I think, is very well deserved, and I think they are having a lot of fun with it and I think it -- overall I think it is great for the game... Yeah.

Q. With Muster breezing through the first round, how do you feel possibly meeting him in the quarterfinal match on your turf, the hard courts?

MICHAEL CHANG: For me, it is a little far away. I think sometimes when you look too far ahead in the draw either you don't get there or the person that you think is going to get there doesn't get there. I think at this particular time there are too many tough players in between that you can't overlook and for me, I am just going to take things match by match and -- until that time, if it does come, so...

Q. You are serving a lot faster now. What have you changed?


Q. Using the --

MICHAEL CHANG: Longer racket. I think that I have gotten a little -- I have gotten a little bit stronger as well. Just spent more time just working on my serve; trying to get things more consistent. Working on trying to experiment a few different ways of where I can both have a good amount of accuracy and a good amount of power and good amount of consistency; just trying to, you know, just so I can come up and serve and have a really good groove on my serve. That is really the key to serving. I don't think you necessarily have to be all that tall to serve. I think it is -- in certain instances it will help, but if you are a little bit smaller, it means you have to work at it a little bit more.

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