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August 28, 1995

Ruxandra Dragomir


Q. What was it like playing Monica today?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: It was really tough for me. I mean, I worked really hard in the last time and I thought that I am going to have a pretty good chance to win some matches here, but I had a very bad draw. She is a very tough player, so, I mean, she is unbelievable, I couldn't even imagine that she is that good. She is really tough.

Q. Were you nervous?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: Well, actually I wasn't very nervous. I thought that I am going to be nervous, but I wasn't, you know, I was expecting that match, and I thought it is going to be much nicer than it was, or much longer, but she was playing some unbelievable shots, so I didn't have any chance, you know, not even to recover to the middle.

Q. What does she mean to the sport? What does she mean to women's tennis?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: Well, I think she means a lot. I mean, I think that WTA has so much to win that she is back. I mean, she is a very good player, so the women's tennis really need her, so it is very good for us that she came back. It was bad for me because she was on my side, but that was my luck.

Q. Did you find any weakness in Monica?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: I think that her second serve is really weak, so she doesn't put so much power in it. But I am not, you know, I can't hit very hard. I don't have a very good return. I feel much better when she served the first serve, but I think -- no, I don't think that she has any weak, you know, not really.

Q. Do you think she can win it all?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Q. What was your strategy today?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: I think I should have played more topspin, but because she was hitting so hard and deep, I just didn't have time and when you hit very hard, the ball is coming back even harder. So what I did was that I just hit too hard, I think, and she likes it. But I just didn't have time to play my topspin.

Q. Do you think she is playing as well or better than she -- when -- before she had the accident?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: I don't know her before. I mean, I wasn't in the Tour when she was very good. I just watched TV. I start playing in professional in '90 and I was playing only 10,000 and 25, so I only saw her on TV, and for me, she seems to me unbelievable, but now she is also very good. But I can't say if she was better or now she is better, but I think she is the same. She is very good, I mean, she won the tournament in Toronto just two weeks ago and she is playing really good.

Q. Will you take away an interesting experience playing before more people than have ever watched you and being part of this?

RUXANDRA DRAGOMIR: Oh, yeah, actually this is my first time when I play on the stadium in a Grand Slam. I play on stadium before that, but it wasn't so huge as this one, I mean, this one is unbelievable to me. So, I really enjoyed it. But I am sorry that I couldn't win more games or I couldn't make more pressure. But that is the way it goes.

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