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November 4, 2001

Serena Williams


MODERATOR: Questions for Serena.

Q. You haven't played a lot of matches this year like you wanted to. How frustrating is it to miss out on the last one?

SERENA WILLIAMS: It's more strange than frustrating. I completely understand the position that Lindsay is in.

Q. When did you find out about the possibility there wasn't going to be a match?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I was playing around 12:15, 12:20-ish. They came on the court, got me, talked to me about it.

Q. Did you get a chance to talk to Lindsay about it a little bit?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I talked to her about it. She's feeling pretty rough. I think she had this injury before. You can see in her match yesterday at the end, she was holding her leg. I just hope she gets better soon. I never had a win like this before.

Q. Sorry?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I never had a win like this before.

Q. You're going to go home now and start getting ready for Australia?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm going to go home. I've been waiting. I'm ready to get back. I'll take maybe a day off (smiling). I'll get ready for Australia. I'm playing really well now, working hard in practice. I know what I need to do.

Q. You said the other day No. 1 is what you wanted to do. Can you talk about your goals for next season?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm just looking for some titles, winning. I'm sure if I win the titles, the ranking is going to come. I'm just going to be focused. We'll see what happens, like I say. Keep thinking positive, stay focused throughout the year than just bits and parts.

Q. You are going to play more tournaments, you were saying?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Hopefully, if things work out. If I stay healthy, I'm definitely going to try to play a few more events. If not, we'll see. We'll have to wait and see what all happens. I can't predict the future.

Q. Did you talk to Lindsay? What did you say to her?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I just made sure she felt okay. Like I said, I kind of know how it is to be a bit injured. She was really nervous because I think she had to go out.

Q. How about for the fans? They came out to see the match, bought the tickets. How do you feel about that?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, obviously all my sympathy goes out to the fans. I never really have been to many events, but if it was something like this happened, I would feel pretty bad. But at the same time you have to understand it's athletics. That's why my dad always encouraged us to go to school and get an education. You never know what happens. All of a sudden one day you could be in a car accident. It may be different if I was a doctor; you can still go on. As an athlete, you have to think about these things. I can completely understand.

Q. In conclusion, what is your view of these championships being here in Germany rather than Madison Square Garden? Do you think it worked, been a success?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I think it's been a great success. I think the tournament director here is wonderful, a great guy, I know him. I have a clean record here in Munich, so... (laughter). I like it here. Whenever I play here, I'm going to keep winning. I've been pretty tough here, really tough. It's a good city. It's a great city. It's nice. It's a good part of the year, nice in fall. A nice way to end the year. The Germans here are really nice. They always come out and support the event, so I think it turned out pretty well.

Q. Is it weird to make that much money without playing for it?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I worked for it years ago, years and years ago. I definitely worked for it and I earned it. Would you feel weird if I gave you a check? Come on (laughter)? I'm ready to accept.

End of FastScripts....

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