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September 1, 1996

Hendrik Dreekman


Q. What were your thoughts on that foot fault that was called by your opponent?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: It wasn't my call, so I can't say anything.

Q. Looked on TV like you were laughing.

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: Yeah, of course. It's match point, hitting an ace, and the umpire calls a foot fault. That's tough for him, bad luck.

Q. What happened in the third set?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: In the third set?

Q. Yes.

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: In the first set I had two break chances to make a break to go up 5-4, and I didn't make them, then he broke me. I was up 40-Love and I didn't get my game through. I was a little bit upset. In the second set I lost twice my serve. Then in the third set, I was thinking, "Concentrate on your serve and try to hold." I did it. The tiebreak, he was up twice to serve for the match, it was 6-All, then 9-All. It was very close. That's tennis.

Q. You beat a very big server earlier in the tournament. Can you compare the two serves?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: He's serving more consistent. He was serving around 125, 128. Rusedski was hitting some 133, 135. Goran was serving so many aces today, it's tough to play against him when he's serving like that.

Q. Is it the speed of his serve or does he actually move it around that makes it so difficult?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: It's not the speed. It's difficult to see the serve. If he's serving like this, like today, he's serving two or three aces in one game, it's tough to break or get a break chance. Can't do anything against it.

Q. Can't do anything?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: No. Tell me something (laughter).

Q. Why is it so difficult to see?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: Because he's throwing the ball always the same and he's going wide or down the line. For me -- not for me, just for all players, it's tough to see where he's serving. Then it's really fast and you don't have enough time. You just think of one corner and go for it. If he's taking the other corner, it's too late.

Q. So you actually guess where he's going to try to put it?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: Yes, you have to.

Q. His he a one-dimensional player or is he better than just his serve?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: Who, Goran is better than what?

Q. If his serve is off, can you beat him or does he now have other things?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: I mean, if it's a baseline rally, it's always 50/50, he makes the point or I make the point. But he's serving much better than me, and that's why he makes more in the rankings.

Q. How is your mental game?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: It's very tough. If you're losing your serve, then you almost lost the whole set, then it's tough to concentrate on your serve. It's difficult.

Q. You think the guy can serve his way to a title here?

HENDRIK DREEKMANN: Yeah, if he's serving like this. Not much to do against it.

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