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June 24, 2004

Gisela Dulko


THE MODERATOR: Good evening. I'd like to present Gisela Dulko. We are going to use a translator, so we're going to start in English and translate. You'll get the answers in English. Then we'll switch into Spanish. Who would like to ask the first question?

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the differences between today's match on grass and the match back in Paris three weeks ago on clay?

GISELA DULKO: Well, was completely different. She is another player here. She have the serve and volley that is unbelievable. Was very difficult for me at the beginning. I was like in shock at the beginning because she was playing really good. And I couldn't pass her really well. But then I start to play better, to pass her better. I start to use angles and to make her volley a little bit. Her serve is very difficult here, too, because -- well, she was serving very good the first serve. And the second, the second serve was with slice and was very difficult for me to put my return in. I was a bit nervous, too, at the beginning. Yeah, definitely was another match.

Q. Your experience in the French, where you made it to the third round and really came very close to winning that match against Asagoe, how will that help you here at Wimbledon as you proceed?

GISELA DULKO: Well, I will go to the court more focused in the next match. After beating Martina at the French, I was like, I think I relax a little bit and I didn't focus the same as I focus with Martina with Asagoe. Yeah, that's gonna be the key. I will be very focus in my next match.

Q. Did you feel, as the match went on, more confident that you were wearing down her stamina, her strength?

GISELA DULKO: Yeah, yeah. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous. I couldn't return her serve well. But then, at the beginning of the second serve, she didn't serve that well. She -- maybe she was tired a little bit or she was nervous, or I don't know. But I feel she maybe -- her level wasn't the same as the beginning. But, me, I start to play better, too. I don't know.

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