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January 24, 2006

Lindsay Davenport


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lindsay.

Q. Where do you feel you came up short tonight?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: You know, I felt like I started off really well. I felt I was being consistent, yet in control of most of the rallies in the first set. You know, I just felt like a couple quick games early in the second set gave away some points there, gave her some confidence then. Then, you know, she started to hit the ball better. Just felt like I just slightly got away from my game plan, like more errors started creeping in, felt like I just was a little bit less sure of my shots and really stepping in. You know, once she got some confidence and took control, she's obviously very tough to beat.

Q. How much were you affected by the ankle injury?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: None. I was really actually really surprised and happy that, you know, I was a little concerned yesterday. I mostly kept my foot up and was icing all day. This morning was still a little sore. Then right around late this afternoon, felt really good. Really didn't affect me at all tonight, which was really great.

Q. There were a couple dropshots you didn't chase down.

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: You know, it was tough to see them. I mean, I think there was like probably about two or so. You know, I was trying to focus really hard on staying on the baseline. Sometimes if I didn't see it, I didn't really -- I just didn't push off for it.

Q. How much of a disappointment is it?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: It is. I mean, worked really hard. And then just to get out there and just, you know, play well, then slowly get worse as the match went on is a bad feeling to have when you leave. You know, there's obviously still a lot of stuff that I need to get better. I guess I've got the opportunity now the next few months to try and make those improvements. You know, give it another shot in another few months.

Q. In hindsight, should you have played a prechampionship tournament?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Oh, no, no, no. I feel good about what I've done so far in my off-season and how I did here. That's one of the great things I have going. I feel like I'm really actually building something. Even though tonight maybe I took a step backwards, I still feel like I'm in the right direction.

Q. Do you feel like you still have a Grand Slam tournament win in you?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I do. I mean, obviously Wimbledon just was six or seven months ago, being so close. I feel like I have gotten better in the last month. Like I said, obviously disappointing tonight. But, you know, I wouldn't stay out here and I wouldn't give it my all if I didn't feel like it was still reachable.

Q. You've had two classic or epic matches with her here, I guess one really. The second one you were up, she came back. Any memories of those matches come into your mind tonight?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: They didn't. And I don't know if that was because maybe it was a night match tonight and different conditions. I remember when I played her here again in 2004, I was still thinking of the year before. But tonight, I didn't actually. Really different match than those two. You know, there was a lot of leads and coming back in both of those different matches. And tonight was kind of different from that?

Q. How do you assess how she's looking?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Good. I mean, I had the chance there after the first set, I think she wasn't looking so good, and I definitely let her back in early in the second and gave her some confidence. Like I said, when she has confidence, she plays really well. But, I mean, gee, she's a tough player always. You know, she moves really well. And when she's confident and stepping in, she hits a really heavy ball. So she's a great player.

Q. Would you have liked to have served a little better tonight?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, that was -- that was not good.

Q. Any reason?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I wish I could tell you, I would have done it in the match differently. You know, I mean, I wasn't really winning free points on my serve, hitting mostly second serves. Against a player of that caliber, I've got to do what I do well very well, and I wasn't able to do that aspect of my game well.

Q. Depending on the results here, you could lose the No. 1 ranking. Is that your major priority at the moment or is your major priority to win a Grand Slam?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: No, I mean, that -- I mean, I don't want to disrespect it by saying it's low on the priority, but it's not up in my priority list. My whole goal is to try and get better and play really well with the tournaments I decide to play. I'll be playing fewer tournaments this year anyway. So it's inevitable it will happen. But, you know, if you're not getting really late, in the latter rounds of Grand Slams and winning them, I mean, I'm not going to argue that I deserve to be 1. Obviously, Kim is a great player, done really well, totally deserves it.

Q. What is next for you?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I don't know (laughter). Like to go home and get my body better again and then get back to the drawing board and, you know, fire up again for the tournaments back up in the States: Indian Wells, Miami. I don't know what will happen between now and then. You know, the first thing is I want to play when I'm a hundred percent. And while my ankle felt good tonight, I'm sure tomorrow morning it will be a little bit sore and swollen. I'd like to see that get a hundred percent better and make my decision from then.

Q. Any assessment of the players left?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, it will be interesting. I mean, yesterday was the first time I watched Kim. It was obvious to me that she wasn't moving at a hundred percent. Whether that gets better now and she's able to still beat these players in the latter rounds with that, we'll see. I mean, hopefully for her it starts to feel a little bit better. Interesting match with Martina coming up. I think that will be a good test for both of them. It will be a good match between Maria and Justine. Don't want to call that one, that's for sure.

Q. We ask this of you at every single Grand Slam, but do you feel confident you'll be back here next year?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I do right now. I don't know. I mean, that's when I always say I'm probably jinxing myself. Most often I say I don't know. But I do. I mean, I feel like I'm on a good path. While things didn't pan out here, I'm not giving up. I still felt like, like I said, I've done some things better in the last month, didn't do the things I needed to do well tonight. I mean, I'm not going to run away from it because it didn't happen in this one match.

Q. You sound pretty rejuvenated in a certain sense. Is that because of the new coach?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Maybe. I guess. I mean, we've been working really hard. I have enjoyed learning from him. That probably has a lot to do with it, for sure.

Q. Two years ago when you were here, would you have thought that you'd be here two years from now?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, no way (laughter). I mean, you learn a lot as you get older. You know, certainly seeing some other players and what they've been able to accomplish a little bit later in their careers has helped me. But I still enjoy it. I went through a period there where I wasn't enjoying it. For whatever reason, I developed a love for the game again. Couldn't see my life right now without it. So while that's the case, I'll keep going forward and keep trying to improve and stay on top.

Q. Has Jon been a big part of that?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: He doesn't say much. If I said, "Oh, I want to quit," he'd be like, "Okay." So in that regard... But I think he makes it easier by being so supportive of this crazy life. Obviously, not easy on a couple that each of us obviously have our own careers and work very hard at them. I think it just helps me that he's so supportive of me traveling and doing a lot when we're home, going through long stretches without seeing each other. That makes it a lot easier. I think if he had a hard time with that, it would be the end of my tennis, because obviously that's more important.

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