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September 6, 1994

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. Kimiko, were you especially nervous today?

KIMIKO DATE: I wasn't that nervous, I thought, but more than I thought, I think my body was tired, physically tired, and my spirit was up for it. However, there was no good balance in between those two.

Q. It seemed that was a key moment when you missed the overhead and-- you had a breakpoint, you missed the overhead and that allowed Arantxa to come back and win that game and go up 4-Love, was that especially discouraging to you, second set?

KIMIKO DATE: I didn't think that was the turning point, but even before, I thought I could do a little better, even though I was enjoying the good pattern, couldn't get the game, even though I had the opportunity to point, it was not possible, and -- but Arantxa had the opportunity and then she took all the points and even though I made some points, I couldn't make the game.

Q. Kimiko, I don't know if you know this but there was a sign for you up in section 323 a sign printed in Japanese, how much support did you get from the people back home in Japan; what do you think they will say about your U.S. Open?

KIMIKO DATE: I didn't really notice during the game, of course, I was only thinking about the game. But, all the support is very encouraging and in spiraling, also, and very, very good.

Q. How do you see the shape of Arantxa on the court and her chances in this championship, how do you see that? The chances for Arantxa in this championships?

KIMIKO DATE: I wish her the best and I want her to win the tournament.

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