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November 14, 1994

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. Kimiko, this has really been a big year for you, especially being ranked high at the U.S. Open and coming here for the first time. To what do you attribute your playing so well this year; and has this been a personal goal coming here to the championships?

KIMIKO DATE: Yes, I have been playing very well this year, from January, I won Sidney and I became -- but at the French Open I lost first round, so, I was so disappointed at the time, so, however, from U.S. Open, I've been playing very well and then this tournament very well, I played very well and I hope I'll do my best

Q. But the question that she asked is to come here, you have to really move up; has it been a goal of hers to get to here to this tournament? What does it mean to her to come here and qualify?

KIMIKO DATE: I cannot even believe that this is -- this is the tournament that I dream about, so that's why I really want to try to do my best.

Q. Why does she think she's playing better; what's accounted for it. You've told us the stages at which she's been playing well, but why has she risen so much.


Q. Yes.

KIMIKO DATE: I gained the confidence because continuously I won much and then I gain my confidence gradually, that's the reason why I think I became very good.

Q. Anything in the tennis, any change in serve or added shots?


Q. Did she ever play left handed before?

KIMIKO DATE: I never played it seriously, but when I was child, I play it, like, just playing, and she was told by her coach when she was a child that there is both left handed and right handed player in history, so, she could be the one, like, left handed person. Then, she just -- not seriously, but she practiced, hit the ball by left hand with wall, hundred times.

Q. How well did she think she was playing today?

KIMIKO DATE: This is the first time for me to play this surface and also this Madison Square Garden, so I really wanted to get used to the atmosphere and the surface today, and so, I didn't expect too much to myself, so, that -- that's the reason why maybe I was not really nervous.

Q. Kimiko, you were down a break in the first set and you ran off the last ten games in the match to win it, I thought you really moved well, and covered the court well; what did you think the key to winning the last ten games of the match were?

KIMIKO DATE: I don't think there is a particular reason, but, first break was kind of lucky to me. Then, after I broke her serve, I felt like -- I'm sorry, I thought to myself, that I could break her serve at the first game, so I would be able to break her serve again. So I just keep doing it and thinking it encourage myself to be able to break her serve. Do you understand?

Q. Kind of. Yes.

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