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November 19, 1994

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. What was the injury? When did you get hurt? What happened?

KIMIKO DATE: Yesterday the match went till very late and I'm just very tired. Once again, I was up early today and I just couldn't really get back up to par, my physical condition. I had a little muscle pain.

Q. When did you suffer the injury last night?

KIMIKO DATE: She doesn't remember exactly when during the match last night, but it began last night.

Q. How badly was she hurting in the match today? When did she start to realize that her muscle was pulling?

KIMIKO DATE: Before the game today, I put on some cream and that worked pretty well. But as that wore off, by the middle of the second set, it was really beginning to hurt me again.

Q. Given that she had this injury, how did she make some of those points in the third set; like the one that was corner to corner to corner; did she just ignore it and go for it --

KIMIKO DATE: Towards the end, all I can say is, that I was playing all out, when you get to the end, that's all there really is to do, but the pain was really beginning to get to me in the end.

Q. Was she aware of how much the crowd -- this is a big Gaby crowd, but at the end they, gave her a standing ovation; did she realize that?

KIMIKO DATE: I realized that the crowd is very, very -- Gaby is very popular here in New York and the crowd was rooting for Gaby, but I was concentrating on getting the win and playing my best tennis. As for the standing ovation, no, I didn't really realize that it was for me. I just have no memory of it.

Q. Kimiko, what do you feel you need to work on now that the season is over? What aspects of your game do you feel you need to work on?

KIMIKO DATE: Well, when you're playing this close to the top of the ladder, there's really a lot you have to work on -- that I have to work on. First of all, of course, my serve. And being here at a big tournament you have to play your best and hardest right up until end, you can't lose stamina, or physical, or mental concentration. Like yesterday, I played very well, and I need to be able to do that through an entire tournament, not hitting walls. I need to break through the wall. I also need to work on my physical strength and my net play.

Q. How does she see the final tomorrow? What would she expect?

KIMIKO DATE: Well, basically, I'm rooting for Gaby. But they both are very good players, and I'm sure it will be a very, very good match to watch. I can't say who I think will win, but I'd have to say that I'm rooting for Gaby.

Q. But from having played Gaby today, would she say this is such good tennis that Lindsay is going to have trouble or that she came so close that Gaby will have to fix this? What does she think from her experience today?

KIMIKO DATE: Of course, when a game goes to three sets -- match goes to three sets, you're going to be very, very tired and I'm sure Gaby is very, very tired, but tomorrow the finals. And the finals are the finals and even if she's very, very tired, I'm sure she's going to give it her all and make it a very good match.

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