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August 31, 1995

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. Kimiko, did you see the last -- that lob that was called good that many people thought was out; did you see what happened there?

KIMIKO DATE: First I didn't know what was happening, but I wasn't sure if it was in or out. I couldn't see.

Q. Would you compare this match to the match you played against Lisa Raymond last year? Somehow, was it different? Was Lisa better? Was she not as good?

KIMIKO DATE: First of all, I wasn't in top shape yet and is it true that she is getting better, but it is more of a fact that I couldn't play as well as I needed to.

Q. Did you consider at all talking to the umpire about that call and either asking her to reverse it or to, you know, concede the next point?

KIMIKO DATE: I wasn't really sure if the ball was in or out. And things like this happen all the time, and if she -- if I was sure that it was in, then I would reverse the call, but I wasn't sure so I didn't talk to the referee.

Q. Did you feel bad with all the booing at the end?

KIMIKO DATE: It is true that I didn't really feel good about the last call, but these kind of things can happen to me also, so it was really unfortunate for her, but these things happen.

Q. Were you ever worried that you were going to lose the match in the third set there? Were you concerned?

KIMIKO DATE: I thought that I would lose the match, but my service wasn't good -- my serves weren't good, but my return games, I played well in those games. So I thought that I was going to have some trouble, but at the end I thought that I could win the game.

Q. Was the sun tough on one side of court?

KIMIKO DATE: I noticed there were a few times, with the toss, you just caught the toss. It wasn't the matter of the sun, but there was -- it was just my tossing. I hadn't been bothered by that.

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