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September 4, 1995

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. I have never seen you make so many errors before off the ground. What happened?

KIMIKO DATE: My confidence really didn't come back for this match either and probably that is why I made so many errors today.

Q. Did playing in so many three-set matches up to this point tire you out?

KIMIKO DATE: Physically speaking, I was all right. I wasn't that tired at all.

Q. I think most people think of Schultz as just a big server. Is there more to her game than just a big serve?

KIMIKO DATE: Her serve is the main key point, however, comparing to the past few years, perhaps, mentally she is steadier, stronger, until the last minutes. She used to be kind of not steady player.

Q. When you mean "steady," do you mean that she would get nervous; would give away matches at the end, is that what you are --

KIMIKO DATE: Probably she hasn't given up on her game - this is like in the past - however, like mentally she becomes kind of low or down and, in that sense.

Q. So is that the big difference in her game, is that what you mean?

KIMIKO DATE: Yeah, as far as today's match goes, yes, she was very steady.

Q. You said at the beginning that you went into this match without confidence. Why?

KIMIKO DATE: Before I came here I cancelled three tournaments and so it is not like, you know, I have been practicing a lot, however, to be at the tournament and to have matches, it makes a difference in practice and therefore, under the pressure how to make the shot is the key point and then in that sense, I lost -- I didn't have my confidence.

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