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July 29, 1996

Kimiko Date Krumm


Q. Basically the last set seemed, the heat appeared to really bother you at the end, is that what happened? And just in general the whole match, talk about it.

KIMIKO DATE: My feet started to shake, I got injured in the game, so I tried not to play aggressive, otherwise my feet will get worse. I'm very tired, today was a very big game. And I was waiting for the -- in some way I was waiting for Sanchez to miss the ball, but I did my best.

Q. Are you really exhausted because of your game or could you enjoy the Olympics, itself?

KIMIKO DATE: I'm very tired right now. It's just 30 minutes after the game and I can't think of anything, but as the time passes I'm probably going to be able to enjoy the Olympic games, but I'm very tired right now in this moment.

Q. Today was a very hot day with a lot of sunshine. It was very different from the game two days ago, which was very cloudy and cool. Did it affect your play?

KIMIKO DATE: I like hot weather, basically. I've played at the different places in hot weather so it didn't really bother me, but I know that Arantxa was a very tough player, but it didn't really affect me.

Q. Today we had a lot of spectators from Japan and all over. How did it affect your play?

KIMIKO DATE: The cheer from Japan encouraged me very much. It was a very tough game. So it did help me a lot.

Q. Before the play you said I'm going to be aggressive by the net, I'm going to be playing aggressive by the net and try to give Arantxa a hard time. How did that task work?

KIMIKO DATE: I tried to play aggressively by the net until my feet started to shake and then it was getting worse and worse so I tried to prevent my pain, that's what I tried to do. And my pain was all over my feet.

Q. From the end of the final set, end of the second set through the first third of the third set did you think that Arantxa didn't really hit aggressively?

KIMIKO DATE: Because Arantxa didn't hit me very strong I thought that maybe her feet were also shaking. I asked her if her feet were shaking or not, but she said her feet weren't shaking. But I thought that because she doesn't hit too much I thought that her feet were also shaking.

Q. What is your plan as you go on with the tour?

KIMIKO DATE: I'm going to go Los Angeles and San Diego and go all over the United States.

Q. U.S. Open?

KIMIKO DATE: I'll try to adjust myself, my condition at San Diego and also Los Angeles, and I'll go on to the U.S. Open.

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