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August 31, 1993

Jennifer Capriati


Q. How would you assess your opponent's game today?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: She was consistent. I think she played the same basically the whole time. First set I played great and basically I -- she just kept the ball there and eventually I just missed. I had a lot of chances. A lot of shots I was making in the first set that I started to miss.

Q. Did you have any sense after the first set that it might get a lot tougher or was it something that you were doing that you were not that happy with?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: After the first set?

Q. Yes.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: No, I was happy with what I was doing. I thought I was playing great. Maybe I did lose concentration; just eased up a bit and, you know, I just started making errors and lost it mentally.

Q. Why did you make so many errors?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I don't know. I wish I knew.

Q. Did you feel good going into the match today; was there anything distracting you or did you have a good feeling going into the match?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: No, I did. In the first set, it showed. I came out great.

Q. How would you compare this match to the other ones you played against her; did it go in a similar way, the type of style and everything?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah, you know, I think this is -- I mean, I have lost to her before, but I think it was -- she played well and I thought I played well too. I think she just, you know, she was totally on that day and today, I think it was just my fault.

Q. Jennifer, the second last game was a tough game to hold. You were down Love-15. Suddenly you were playing a hour and a half you hit a dropshot, a passing shot. Did you think of doing any more of that or trying to mix it up a little like that?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah, well, yeah, but after, you know, you are missing so many balls, you start to, you know, ease off and it just gets in your head a little, after you are missing, you don't want to take too many chances, because you don't want to just make errors and give it to her, so -- but I should have played more aggressive in the last game and -- I have nothing to lose. I'd rather have played aggressive and tried to play better and still lose, than do nothing and lose.

Q. Do you feel leg weary at the end of this match?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: You mean tired?

Q. Yeah, unable to move as quickly as you want to move.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I think I was just-- mentally, I was just not concentrating, you know, just -- I couldn't believe I just could get so totally off after the first set, I played great. I mean, it was amazing how quickly you can lose it.

Q. Do you plan to go back to school or are you going to stay in New York?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I haven't really thought about it.

Q. Are first-round matches sometimes tougher than later rounds?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah. As far as getting into the groove, yeah, and it is always tough here too. A lot of commotion going on in the Stadium. So, yeah, I think anywhere first round is -- you'd be surprised how they can turn out.

Q. There are a few more things to go off course this year, but this effectively ends the year-end, your fourth year as a professional. Are you where you want to be? Are you where you think you should be? Do you know where you are?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: I mean, up until now I was happy with the way I was playing and the way everything was going. I had a great week the week before last up in Canada. So I was really looking forward to this. But, hey, it was a good year. I played well and I just move on.

Q. Do you think you need a break from tennis right now, or do you need to play even more, spend more time on the court? Which way would be better?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I was just planning to take a little break anyway after this. I don't know.

Q. Do you feel pressure from your family to win at tennis?

JENNIFER CAPRIATI: What kind of a question -- no, I don't.

Q. Anything else? Thank you, Jennifer.

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