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April 20, 2001

Roger Federer

THE MODERATOR: First question for Roger, please.

Q. Sebastien was simply too good for you today?

ROGER FEDERER: No, I don't believe it. Not at all. I was not at the best of my tennis. I was even far from it. I am sad that I played a good match yesterday and that I missed this one. It's difficult, but my level couldn't come back today. I tried, but also Sebastien played well. I also had the impression that I was unlucky now and then. He was touching the lines. That's it; it happens.

Q. Were you bothered by the wind?

ROGER FEDERER: No, not as far as I remember.

Q. It was stronger than the other days?

ROGER FEDERER: Yes, I think so, but it doesn't bother me. I had worse experiences than that. Today, it was really not the problem.

Q. What did you think of Sebastien?

ROGER FEDERER: For me it's difficult to judge his level. I was taking care of myself a lot. I tried to understand why I was missing so much. I don't believe Sebastien did something extraordinary today, but it's enough for him. This is the reason why he's highly ranked. He's difficult to play, he runs well.

Q. Are you satisfied by the results this week after all?

ROGER FEDERER: Yes. In the end, it's not bad to win in the quarterfinals of your first tournament on clay this year. I didn't expect that in the beginning of the week, but I'm disappointed by what I did today. I could have done a lot better. But for a beginning of a season, it's all right.

Q. Normally your game can express itself better on fast surfaces. Here, you have clay and heavy balls. Do you believe your game is better on surfaces like the French Open, which is faster, where the balls are more lively?

ROGER FEDERER: Yes. Here it's so different. Each court is different from the other one. Once I played against Sanguinetti on the Princes Court - whatever its name is - it was very slow. I almost couldn't do a single winner. I thought, "I can't play anymore. It's incredible." Today on center court it was slippery, fast, something had changed. It was difficult to adapt. But I believe Rome and the French Open are better for me. Hamburg might be like here, it's cold and the balls are hard.

Q. Are you just playing Rome and Hamburg before the French Open?


Q. And next week?

ROGER FEDERER: I'm working on my physical fitness with Pierre.

Q. Is it mainly sliding that you need to improve most on clay, or is there something else?

ROGER FEDERER: I'm already happy with this first week, the way I moved on the court. From time to time I was not well positioned, but it happens to me on all surfaces. I don't know, I think I must be able to put the ball in, be patient, wait for the right shot to attack. Especially against Chang on clay, I had the impression to have so much time that I can hit all the shots. Indoors, you have one opportunity and even if it's not very good you take it. On clay I have the impression that each ball coming towards me is an opportunity, so I should calm myself down and wait until the best opportunity. This takes a bit of time, but I am going to practice and I think it will come.

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